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Ayon CD5S Tube Replacement
This is a late post but may help anyone with the same question. I have the CD5s and certainly agree it is spectacular! It opens from the bottom with a special long Allen Wrench that reaches through holes in bottom. Call USA Tube Audio and they can... 
Rate my system and chose the next upgrade
If you did move the system downstairs, there are cheap ways to tame glass (Marigo dots, wood blinds etc,) and the TV (just move the speakers out so that the tweeters are a foot in front and cover TV when critical listening ( I use a dog bed with a... 
Need Freight Company to Ship Amps on a Pallet
Been very happy shipping across country heavy speakers on pallets six trip with Pilot Freight with no damage and on time 
SR Blue or Audio Horizons Platinum fuses
I very much like the Audio Horizons fuses in my equipment in an excellent system 
Have you ever met another audiogon member in person?
I have met about 10 members, been to several of their houses and some to mine, and I live out in the "sticks" All interactions have been great and some a'gon folks I now count as friends with contact over many years 
Oppo Vs Esoteric
My Ayon Cd5s is several leagues ahead of my Oppo105D - so much so that the Oppo on SACD is far beneath Red book on Ayon. So I use my Oppo to listen to the audio tracks of DVD and Blue Ray movies only. I have no bone to pick with Oppo it has been r... 
Journey ending speakers
Von Schweikert VR55 Aktives - would be happy to keep them rest of my life. Best I have heard so far and I have heard many in homes and at shows. 
recommendations for amplifiers that don't emit tons of heat
Look at Nuforce Reference 18 monos used or some of their new stuff under Nuprime in that price range 
What is your speaker ownership history since 1995?
I go back furtherBose 501Bose 901Polk SDA 2.3Von Schweikert VR4 SrVon Schweikert VR5 AnniversaryVon Schweikert VR 55 AktiveDoubt from now on that I will leave the Von Schweikert family - most wonderful! 
Who listens primarily to Redbook CD?
I use an Ayon CD5s (which includes transport, DAC and Preamp) with NOS Russian Tubes. I music I hear from Red Book on well recorded discs is top notch, with no desire to go into downloads, computer audio or turntable in terms of sound. 
Thinking of replacing my Bat spaceheater with class D, real world thoughts please
Since you already like the Nuforce. I would recommend trying the Nuforce/Nuprime Reference 20 mono amps, which are a huge step up in refinement from their other designs, yet still run cool. Also Bob Smith their repair person does mods on these tha... 
Axpona Shout Outs
The Von Schweikert/ VAC room was clearly best. It was all there - micro and marcodynamics, naturalness, nuance, aliveness and beauty to the sound. I watched them set up as they struggled with a nearly square room, and they were able to get great i... 
Class D is just Dandy!
I have had Nuforce Reference 9 V2, the V3Se and Now Nuforce/Nuprime Reference 20 monos. They have bested in my opinion all Class A and A/B designs that I have heard with high end Pass Labs coming closest to reflecting the beauty of music. Also Nuf... 
AXPONA 2017 Protocol
The Endeavors you are looking at are definelity worth the audition time and may be best of your bunch and a listen to the newest Von Schweirkert' s even though out of price limit can give a reference to what is possible. I would narrow down to thr... 
Best $500 System?
I sent my friend thsi thread and she pulled the trigger and is very happy, thanks for the help - here is what she said. Thanks Joe! I read all the comments and ended up finding a great buy on self-powered speakers by Kliptsch. I used them in ...