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What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
No mention of Jeff Rowland and Dartzeel here so far. I have been thinking about Jeff Rowland  625S2 and Datrzeel 208 or 8550. Any body have experience with these brands compared to Luxman 509 or other brands that are being listed as favorites? 
Whats the best sounding tube cd player up until now? Vintage or newer.
Ayon CD35 and Ayon CD35HF 
Ultimate power condotioner
I too live in the country with my own transformer, also my listening room is in a new addition part of the house with a new 200 amp service box, apart from the old service that feeds the rest of the house where the appliances reside. Congratulatio... 
False Advertising
I bought a discountiued Cambridge Audio piece on Audiogon and the remote malfunctioned. I called the company and they searched around and found me a remote that worked and sent it to me free, so it is worth calling the company being nice and seein... 
Shipping by UPS
Expensive and fragile things like speakers and anything with tubes, I ship Fed Ex air  or better yet Pilot Freight Air and meet the package at the closest airport distribution center (in my case about an hour 20 minutes away. Worth it to have neve... 
I want to be moved and have the music touch my soul!
Your Oppo is likely to be the weak link and causing the lack of involvement. Try something like an Ayon CD35 or used Ayon 5s. They have a tubes power supply and tubed preamp within as well as a nice Dac and comprise a very engaging front end. 
Any Audiophile Fuses UL approved?
Thanks for the helpful information. I will check these out 
Where to test tubes?
Rodman, Thanks I have contacted them. 
Unforgiving DAC or add Tube Preamp??
A used  Ayon CD5s would include transport, dac and tubed preamp in one box and may fit the bill 
Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???
+1 Nuforce/Nuprime, particularly with Bob Smith's TDDS factory authorized mods. I had their monobloc Reference 9V3Se, then Reference 20 and Now Evolution One. Have heard many other class D and these are best I have heard. Disclosure, my Reference ... 
Turntable got absolutely crushed by CD
Answering your initial question. I am very happy with my Ayon CD35 CD player which has a tubed power supply and and tubed PreAmp. This got me close enough to vinyl on the things that vinyl does well, particularly emotional engagement, and a musica... 
Von Schweikert VR 55 Active versus Wilson Audio Alexia's/Sasha's?? Which upgrade??
Definitely go with the VSA VR55 Aktives! I have had mine since April 2015 and could not be happier with the build, parts quality, sound, and service. I have contrasted VSA with Wilson several times in the past and VSA always sounded more beautiful... 
What should I hear as my amp breaks in?
I find most good equipment seems to get a bit more open and relaxed after a weeks play or so, but the amps essential qualities are apparent immediately out of box 
Best Songs To Sing In The Car To Embarrass Your Kids
Clickity Clack by Dickety Do and the Donts 
Captain Crunch decoder ring for findind audiophile quality CD recordings
Get some CDs from Reference Recordings and also look for HDCD