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What s the best Class A integrated tube amp over 80W
Vinni Rossi L2ise which uses 300B DHT tubes in its preamp section. 100 watt into 8, 170 into 4oms. Fabulous sounds 10 year warentee US made. I have the unit and it replaced and beat fine mono amps with separate preamp. Also has optional DAC and ph... 
Advice on CD transport
Used CEC TL3N 
Best 40 to 50k used speakers
Id look for a pair of Von Scwweikert VR55 Aktives. Retail 60K I think. Should find used in your price range. Excellent adjustable bass, best tweeter that I have ever heard. I own them and all who hear like them. 
Did any Amp help you understand lyrics better?
One of my tests is using the piece, Carverna Magica which has male and female voices murmuring in the back of a cave with other sounds in the foreground. That is what you hear on poorer equipment. As equipment, amps and room improve you can detect... 
Thanks Audiogon !
Was the extension and coupon automatic, or did you need to request it? I have an add running too. 
Integrated amp suggestions.
In that price range I'd also look at the Vinni Rossi L2ise integrated, give you a 300B tube based preamp and excellent ss amp section. Just got mine and loving it. The Agostino stuff is excellent when I have heard it at shows, but the Rossi has he... 
Isolation Devices
I use Herbies discs under factory spikes under my 160lbs+ speakers and they work well to allow you to move speakers and protect wood floor 
Speaker upgrade around 100k retail
Please consider Von Schweikert VR 55 Aktive Ultras in that price range, even the regular 55 Aktives (which I won) will not disappoint. 
Emotional rollercoaster
another plus one for room acoustics. I have large 38X22 room and a high end system well tweaked and some room treatments such as in front of speakers and first reflections that I can get away with in a family room. Sounds really good. We are havin... 
Anyone with tinnitus or hearing loss who is into "high-end" audio?
I have tinnitus varying from mild to moderate. It worsens with stress, caffeine, and use of pain killers such as Advil, Tylenol and Aspirin. So if you can reduce these and learn how to relax through meditation, walks in nature etc. and see if it h... 
Can I cheat and not get caught?
I did mine the old fashion way, used a rat tail file and was able to accomplish in short order with good control 
Mola Mola Makua and Kartugas or Preamp and Merrill Veritas?
Not to complicate things for you but Nuprime's. Evolution One Mono amps should also be on your list. New 8K and used about 5K, to me they handily beat out many Class D including Veritas. I also have found that Class D pairs well with a tubed pream... 
Bryston or Aragon
I used the Aragon with Polk 2.3 SDA's a long time back and they worked well together. For the current price I think excellent. No experience with the Bryson. I'd check that the new company will service Aragon and be sure you can return if not full... 
Recommend speakers for a large living room
I have 38 X22 room with multiple seating areas and Von Schweikert VR55 Aktives work beautifully as they are adjustable in the self amplified base going down to 21 HZ at -2db, about .5% distortion across audio spectrum and rear facing ambience twee... 
High value, giant killer speakers?
At the less expensive (not inexpensive) Endeavor¬† E3 or E5, more expensive is Von Schweikert VR55 Aktives which are better than many at twice the price. Key with speakers and much other equipment is to agree with the designer's ear that you like w...