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MAC Autoformers?
other companys don't have autoformers because mcintosh has a patent on it! 
McIntosh Mc2KW amp - anyone heard them?
the list price i believe are 35k each. i don't think any other brands makes an amp with this much power.  
Amp current - how much high current to go for
i don't know how much high current is needed but my mcintosh mc602 is rated to have greater than 150 amperes per chanell.  
mcintosh c45 vs. mx135
the c45 is a 2 chanell pre-amp. the mx135 is a home theater pre-amp. i think it's a 5.1. i only listen to music so i was looking for a pre-amp tuner to match my mc602 power amp. the only one's i found were the older models which were not the curre... 
phase linear amplifiers
you guys are right. i did post twice because i'm not to good with a computer. i did use mine from 1973 till 1989. then had it in storage till 2000. i would say there have been many amps since 1970. some are inexpensive some are not. i only bought ... 
phasel linear 400
threshold, now that's what an amp is all about. you get what you pay for!! 
phasel linear 400
back in the early 70's i bought a phase 400. never will i buy a refirbished one. they are known to fry speakers because they were not well built. i have mcintosh now. no worrys!