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Problems with the IFI Zen Stream.. What's a better Alternative?
Sorry for your difficulties What convinced you that it’s not the ISP quality? My Pro-Ject S2 Ultra runs hot but it’s pretty solid if you can handle USB out. It always snaps up to the network when rebooted.  
Combination BLU-Ray / DVD Player
The beauty of most modern Sony's is that they all play rips on the USB.input. Future proof.  
Combination BLU-Ray / DVD Player
Just ditch it and get a X800M2.  
Did you reboot/reset?
All of mine do interruptous often.  Try keeping 5 different ones going.  
Chord Qutest——>No difference
Sounds like the system is not resolving enough.  
Raven Osprey Sonics But With More Power
I would think start with horn speakers for that big space. They would go way loud (and clean) with an Osprey.    
How cam Morrow Audio keep offering 45%-65% discounts for trade-ups?
The ICs are a value at the max discount. I've never tried their power chords or speaker cables, they look expensive. The math has never allowed me to do the "upgrade" thing. Used ones sell briskly for me. Their understated advantageous quality is... 
Streaming music sound quality
DAP OR streamer?  
Do I really Need a Digital to Digital Converter?
All they really do is expand input capabilities to your DAC from a USB. Other inputs might sound better (or worse.)   Might not.  
"Can You Lift Yours?"
Try lifting a BQII to a 4' shelf.  It used to be no problem.  
I use a Loki just for that purpose and will do no critical listening without it on my 20 watt (draw) amp..  
Digital music questions
Plenty of DACless streamers. I own 5 of them.  
Dust Removal
Oil dem chips in front of your house.  
Best place to live for good quality power
Not much difference here with or without the Power Plant.  
Preamp and Power Amp Matching