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Trivializing AudiogoN...........ie: what I have is the best...
I'll see your sneer and raise a heckle. 
Screw on banana/spade connectors
The locking bananas are ultrasonically welded on the 4S11 at BJC. Works for me. 
Little two-way boxes on a stand....
Try Alta Celesta's. They wear tailored by Armani. 
Class D amplifiers have very little phase shift
What thinking human could care when the insensitivety to phase argument stands? If you want to bow down to measurements please design us the perfect amp. That doesn't waste power like incandescent light bulbs.And doesn't sound like dog waste. 
Schiit just got real...
Whatever works. 
Albums that you listen to straight through / start to finish whenever you put them on!
I forgot one I only own in vinyl.Edgar Winter EntranceFirst lossless noise free copy I've ever heard on Qobuz.Ahhh.Even sounds good through a S.M.S.L. 
Stereo Receivers from the past...
I put a Pioneer SX-205 in the garage and liked it so much I picked up a used one for the shed pushing 1 to 3 sets of speakers. Fed from the house feed via Chinese FM transmitter.   They both chased out a cheap Sherwood that didn't like 4 seasons o... 
I haven't even taken the dust cover off of my Sota Sapphire since running Qobuz through a decent DAC.There's that. At least I have memories of the great old daze in record stores everywhere and buying new releases like Sgt. Peppers in '67 for $3.8... 
In-ceiling: Am I wasting my money?
Importance of phase and timing optimization when incorporating sub woofers ?
I prefer Larry & Susie. 
Speaker recommendations 10 to 30k and no beryllium
You should check out Scaena before deciding. 
I am frustrated with the sound from my DAC
Always preferred Wolfson sound as far as chips go all the way back to my Cowon Z1 which still sounds better than my Astell&Kern. 
Are Bowers and Wilkins speakers overpriced?
I don't know that ALL are overpriced.I'm pretty sure I got a fair shake when I bought my ESLs from 2 different brick & mortar dealers. The 10" 2 ways for $240, the 6' 3 ways for $900.You'd have to pay ME to replace them with B & W's.If THA... 
What are you streaming tonight?
Rickie Lee Jones catalog since she was just announced to be at Axpona Saturday night. 
Albums that you listen to straight through / start to finish whenever you put them on!
Brian Protheroe-first 3 Chrysalis albumsJohn McLaughlin-Electric Dreams,         Adventures in Radioland, Tokyo LiveRichie Cole-Bossa Nova EyesJoni-Court And SparkELP-TarkusThe Bearles-A Huge Melody (or my covers version)I came from reel to reel ...