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Tube headphone amp?
Earmax Pro is an excellent amp. I have one and cannot recommend it enough. 
Mingus, Charles Mingus?
Check out Mingus with Eric Dolphy-Town Hall concert. Brilliant album but Mingus never put out anything short of genius in my opinion! 
Wilco on Austin City Limits
Rockyboy your statement that they will not be around next year is absurd and sounds like it comes from someone who knows nothing about music. Do your homework Rockboy! Alan Parsons good lyrics Gasp! Gasp! what a joke. 
Will increasing speaker height increase Soundstage
I have a pair of Klipsch klf-10's up about 4 feet high as well as horizontally placed, due to small child in the house issues. I realize this is far from optimal but I get good results as my soundstage is very wide and natural sounding. I also hav... 
New reissue of Exile on Main Street
Listening to the Virgin Ludwig vinyl remaster on some nice 2A3 tubes. Dirty and downright Scuzzy as they were meant to be heard, as Mick says "DONT FIGHT IT"!! 
Recommended acoustic recordings
Charles Lloyd- Sangam on the ECM Label. Small Jazz combo that is sonically and musically astonishing. First rate recording!!Get this now. 
John Prine
Next to Dylan and Townes stands John Prine! 
High End Validation
Sounds like the beginning of some bad porn movie. 
Dark Side of the Moon 30th Anniv Album
Find an early MFSL printing of Dark Side. Soundstage is Huuuuuge! 
2a3 set dht made by a friend about 8-10wpc 
2A3 Set power amp
Sell the unit? Amandarine you are being plain idiotic. Yes the Bay Area 
2A3 Set power amp
Anyway I have purchased this amp made by Chris Barnett, with 2- 2a3 Sovtek, 2- 6F5GT National electronics and 1-jj rectifier tube. With my 88db B&W speakers I am astonished! This F-in thing sounds like a locomotive on the right track. Holy cow... 
Classics Clarity Vinyl
Big star #1 Record and Radio City sound brilliant. Send them back, you should not stand for bad pressings and Classic Records know it.These records already cost a small fortune. They will refund or exchange. 
The many musical faces of Mr. Miles Davis?
This man was a genius. There is not one stylistic form that he covered that was not light years ahead of the pack. A man so ahead of his time that I dont think we have caught up to him yet. I dont think even now, most jazz historians or critics fu... 
Life Death Love and Freedom : John Mellencamp
This guy is a washed up has been. Haven't we seen enough of his rehashed pablum??!! Go retire and count your pink houses $$$