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cartridge loading
Well, upon experimentation I have found the right load settings. For the Project tube box II, it would appear to be 100pF on one side and 220pF on the other, set in the mm mode. Sounds wonderful, thanks for all the tips guys!! 
What's the objection to Floor Standing Speakers?
Who crapped in your breakfast cereal Lardsky? 
cartridge loading
thanks Atmasphere. Which setting would be 22,000 ohms? My manual lists for MM loading as such; 47kOhms/120pF 47kOhms/220pF 47kOhms/340pF 47kOhms/440pFBy the way what is pF? 
Tubes in the Dark?
try closing your eyes and imagining the tubes are reconfigured to the front. See what happens? 
tube phono stage upgrade
What is your offer exactly? Im in SF Bay Area(Home of the World Champion Giants!!) 
tube phono stage upgrade
Thanks Bachtovinyl. I am a little confused as you state that the AU-1000 is a phono amp. Mine is not, it is a preamp with no phono input. That is why I have the Project phono amp. I am still leaning toward a tube based phono amp which would have o... 
Japanese Vinyl Pressing
I have a japanese pressing of Blood On The Tracks that sounds shrill and sibilant in comparison to the domestic release. Just my 2 cents. 
Hair-Raising Use of NOS Tubes
silly broad! 
Tube whistling
Get new tubes,they sound shot. 
Favourite ECM Titles
Charles Lloyd "Sangam". 
Three best audiophile CD/LP in your collection
Beck-Sea Change on vinyl is a superb recording! A reference lp for me when needing a beautifully produced album. 
Last time you felt that "tingling" sensation?
John Martyn. The entire Solid Air Lp. Absolutely mind blowing! 
How to find Good Pressings
Michael Fremers site is Musicangle, It is a good source for details about pressing quality of a particular artist on vinyl as well as competent reviews. 
klipsch heresy
jaybo, do you have a reason to say that i should stick to my current set up? 
klipsch heresy
100 dollars cash 100 dollars trade for wine(I am a winemaker). Thats my good price!