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MM to MC back to MM
I’m currently using a low output (.4mv) MC – Shelter 501, through a Black Cube into a line input on my preamp (Mac C2200). The preamp has a phono section, but it is designed for MM. I’ve been hoping to try a direct connection to the preamp, but I ... 
VPI turntable stand
I've been using a Mapleshade Samson with excellent results. I did need to get a separate platform to use as a top shelf due to the footprint of my TNT 6HR. Happy to send you a photo - just email me. 
PS audioPower Port Receptacle
I'm having an odd problem with a power port. Maybe some one else has had this experience. I'll normally unplug everything if thunderstorms are likely in my area. When I try to plug back in, one of the two recepticles does not want to let the plug ... 
Mullard EL-34 reissues
I'm running them now in my amps - replaced two sets of JJ's. So far, they have a very smooth sound, and have operated without incident. 
Cheap SACD Player?
Depending on your budget, the C333ES is a very good value. It sounds decent on redbook and very good with the right SACD's. As indicated above, all SACD's are not created equal. I have a C333ES, an SCD 777ES and an SCD1 - while the 333 is not in t... 
Transistor Research Labs ST-225 Integrated amp
I know this has been asked above, but are there any pictures of the amp out there? 
Mapleshade Samson racks?
Take a look at the thread under "Small circulating fan to cool amps". I haven't had a problem with my Samson rack to date - but want to take some preventative steps just to be on the safe side. 
Small circulating fan to cool amps
Sounds like a good possibility. Note the fans you mentioned are about 3" X 3" X 1". Hopefully I could mount them in the space I have - but I would be close. I might try to find something even a bit smaller. Just to answer a couple of the questions... 
Small circulating fan to cool amps
I'm also thinking that I may have to go with the 12v for lack of an alternative that will fit the my space requirements. I note that one of the postings above refers to using a different outlet. Currently, I have a PS Audio Power Port and I have a... 
Small circulating fan to cool amps
Thanks. Unfortunately, both units are just too large and heavy (appears the Sherbourn comes in just one size - the 3 fan unit and is 12v). I saw the same (3") fan at Radio Shack - I've got a pretty limited space - was hoping to some how attach the...