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Problem with soundstage up near ceiling.
Does not appear to change in height. This was observed by several people.Tim 
Problem with soundstage up near ceiling.
I lowered the monitors to about 16". This seemed to help little. The tow in/out did nothing. I did not tilt the speakers downward. Tim 
Problem with soundstage up near ceiling.
I can't go back and edit! 
Success Rolling Opamps in EE Minimax DAC
I would like to know how it compares to the wyred4sound dac.Tim 
VPI Scout II questions
How can you comment on the Classic if you have not heard it? I found it to be much better than the Scout with sig arm. Tim 
Klipsch Chorus or Cornwall II
Check Audio Asylum. A pair of Chorus 2 for $550. 
Klipsch Chorus or Cornwall II
$850 is too much for the Chorus.Tim 
Klipsch Chorus or Cornwall II
Chorus 2's. 
Best Subwoofer you've ever heard???
The Velodyne DD-15 in my basement. I like it soo much, I am most likely going to buy 1 more.Tim 
Is the Sony xa5400es better than scd-1?
I called the Sony outlet store in Aurora IL and they said they have them in stock for $1499. He checked the model twice and said they are in stock.Tim 
Seas Excel Magnesium Drivers - Warm Sounding?
The seas tweeter is warmish. Scanspeak is different. It sounds more detailed. Both are excellent quality. The tweeter changes the entire personality of the speaker.Tim 
BAT Solid State Amplifiers
I would like to your "acquaintance" to comment.I have never read BAT amps are lean.NOPE!Tim 
Silverline SR17.5 crossover modifications?
A good crossover with cheap part will never sound as good as a good crossover with high quality parts.Tim 
Best Multi channel amp under $2,000 used or new
EAD powermaster 1000 
BAT VK 600SE: SE vs. Balanced
I was using my VK-75 in SE mode for years and finally switched over xlr. I would have bought a balanced pre years ago if knew how much better it sounds.Tim