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Best Used CD Player 1500-3000
Try the EAD theatervisionP Dvd CD player. Tim Flemke 
Smoke coming from transformer means........anyone?
Cut the output of the tranformer and plug it back in,if it still smokes you found the problem. I found an old philco radio (vintage 1937)in a customers basement. I bought it for $50 and took it home. Everything worked! Tim Flemke 
Vienna Acoustic Beethovens-The right electronics?
I have much of the same equipment. I would say a phone call to Sumiko would be a good idea. My system sounded way to layed back for my taste and was told to try some solid core copper cable. I was able to pick up some Audioquest cv-4,very cheep($5... 
Best speakers in 2k-3k price point
Vienna Acoustics MozartI love these speakers.Tim Flemke 
Toshiba SD9200 V Pioneer DV37
I have had both the tosh and the sony in my house and my wife was able to tell the sony was better. The only dvd player I have seen with a better piture is the EAD TVP. The audio on the sony is excelent!Tim Flemke 
questions about the DVP S9000es
I used cr-rw's and never had a problem. I also have 2 sony dvd 360's that work the same way.Tim Flemke 
Vienna Acoustics vs Revel Studios?
I also have the Beethovens with an EAD amp and CD player. What kind of power do you have your system plugged into? I ran a 10guage dedicated line back to a 20amp. breaker and built my own power cords. Big difference!! The bass is much deeper and t... 
Cables for progressive scan
You need component video cable.Good luckTim 
what speakers do the best "disappearing act"??
I have Vienna acoustics and Dynaudio,they both do the trick very well. 
Best DVD/CD Player to buy
I would second the EAD. Had the TOSH and the SONY. The TVP picture is almost 3D and the audio is fantastic.Tim 
The best place to buy DVD'sThe local pawn shop. 7 or 8 bucks.Tim 
Best progressive scan DVD player for under 1500???
I have had the sony 9000es,tosh 9200,and the EAD Theater Vision P in my HT and I can say that the sony came in a close second. The audio on the 9000 is awsome,both SACD and redbook. The TVP is simply the best playback I have ever seen. The TVP als...