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Audio Nirvana Drivers
I use audio nirvana 5” classic drivers which are 93 dB in a smallish big front ported box with subs tuned below 80hz with excellent results. 
if you had my system and $2,000 budgeted for an upgrade, where would you spend it?
Good looking Towers for < $2000?
ASW German engineering and build quality, internal parts highest quality, ceramic tweeters. thumbs up! 
Largest audiophile club in the world with over 1500 members
The Greek cable joke was too funny! 
Hegel Integrateds: Anyone using the internal DAC?
Hegel is primarily a DAC specialist, you cannot go wrong with their DACS for the money! 
Hegel H80 vs H160
I have had both of these and the H160 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better! if you have the right kit to go with. 
Integrated amps...which one to pick?
Listen to the Hegel H160 before you choose? 
Hegel H160 Integrated
I love my Hegel H160! period! 
opinions on best neutral sounding amp with DAC under $4K
All my Apple devices are built and China and they perform superbly! So it doesn’t bother me, it is the quality no origin of manufacture. 
Has anyone tried the Coincident Dynamo 34SE
i have one of these purchased March 2015, very impressed with the sound! no issuesam in the process of ordering teflon film foil coupling capsmessage if any questions?cheers,Martin 
Review: Antique Sound Labs Hurricane Tube amp
I use ASL KT88 based amp and found that changing to Tesla JJ tubes a HUGE improvement!The ASL KT88's would be more at home in the PA system at the local high school.