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Responses from finsfan05401

What time do you wear?
Tag Heuer 
sony xa7es vs. accuphase dp70
The Accuphase will have better re-sale value in the future. 
McIntosh C15 Vs. C712
Wow I got the radioshack cord. It powers up great. Thank You 
Hall of Fame: BIGGEST BADDEST Monster Amps
How about the new McIntosh monoblocks. I have seen them only in pics, they look powerful. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
A McIntosh MX-132 for $1500. Is my bast deal so far. 
McIntosh C15 Vs. C712
I own a MX-132 and a MC-162. How do you get the remote power-on feature to work? 
Does a McIntosh MX-132 have a HDMI hookup?
I run a optical digital cable from my JVC DVD player to my MX-132. For me it sounds better for music and movies then RCA cables. Comments on that?... 
Looking for a romantic sounding monitor
08-23-05: Bignerd100Spendor SP3/1P... like budda!This guy is right, these speakers are smooth. 
Anyone try Jolida 402 Tuner?
Magnum Dynalab DT-5 is a wonderful tuner. I use mine in San Diego and pull in LA stations with a wonderful smooth sound. 
How much does your system retail for?
My Yorx system was $77 I also love my Mac equipment. 
Words From the Wise
1. Invite attractive women to your house and play music they bring over. (very key)2. Beverages (sorry I am a bartender)3. Then repeat... 
What's your profession? Age?
I am a bartender! "What would you like to drink tonite?" I can talk and educate people about audio and meet women. Its a great job, plus I can go surfing everyday. 
Best bargain find ever ?
Finding a McIntosh C31-V for $450 including shipping on audiogon. It sounds nicer then my old Adcom. 
Mcintosh - Love Em' or Hate Em' ......Why?
I just purchased my first Mac. It is the C31V preamp. Wow what a difference, I had an adcom and the Mac is sweet. I am a Mac man now. What a treat to own. 
McIntosh MX 130 as a 2 channe preamp tuner
I have an Adcom GTP-500 II. I have always dreamed of a McIntosh MX 130, get one for me please.