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Airport Xray scanner harmful to integrated chips?
Chadnliz, I know that there's no film used in a digital camera. I just wanted to inform members about the only thing that can be affected by the X-ray scanners. 
Airport Xray scanner harmful to integrated chips?
Undeveloped rolls of film can be fogged by the X-ray scanners, both for carry on & checked luggage. 
Blockbuster goes Blu-ray, HD DVD=beta?,
Don't forget that Sony's Play Station 3 will play Blu-ray, so there a huge market penetration due to the sale of these machines. 
DK Design Integrateds
Yeah, this amp was the "flavor of the month" awhile back...I remember all of the hoopla. You couldn't go a day without seeing 2 threads. There were some heated comments...my how time flies.However, despite the debate, there seemed to be quite a fe... 
Blockbuster goes Blu-ray, HD DVD=beta?,
Snooker14, I think that I screwed up...was it 720p, now going to 1080i? And I thought that the maximum HD channel bandwidth allowed for either 720p or 1080i, but NOT 1080p.After some research, I found these interesting websites:1080i vs. 1080p #11... 
Tubes Became Microphonic
Also remember that NOS tubes will last considerably longer than the current crop of Chinese and Russian tubes. And they WILL sound much better!And PLEASE don't use that tired old cliche that manufacturers "voice" their products for current product... 
Blockbuster goes Blu-ray, HD DVD=beta?,
So tell me, are both these Hi-Def formats in 1020i, or 780p. Nice screw job to all the folks that bought Hi-Def TV's...in 780p. Whoops, now here comes the 1020i format, at $1000.00+ over the 780p TV's. Is anyone [broadcast, cable, or satellite] ev... 
How do you tell how dirty your power is?
Would power impurities show up on an oscilloscope? Can one be rented? Are you familiar with reading and operation of the test gear? 
Leaving DAC on all the time OK?
Just unplug all of your gear if electrical storms are in the area! 
Leave an amp "on" permanetly
Some facts here:1) If we really wanted to reduce carbon emissions, we would have been building and licensing Nukes for the past 25 years, just like the EU & Japan were doing.2) Thomasedison, read the bio of that N.Y. Times reporter! A way left... 
Power: Good or Bad
If you want to hit 115 dB peaks, I hope that you're planning to do some sound treatment work to your listening room! Sometimes, it's the listening room that "poops out" first, and not your audio gear. 
Cartridge Break-in at High VTF?
I personally wouldn't use a VTF above the manufacturers range. I wouldn't want to damage the suspension...but maybe I'm just being overly cautious. 
joy killing refridgerator
Just easier for me to flip the breaker. Also, Jbello, be careful with the carpet or felt idea...if placed too close to the cooling coils, your electricity bill or even your refrigerator could suffer! 
joy killing refridgerator
Fortunately, my 'fridge doesn't contribute to the line noise, as I'm using very good power cords and conditioners. But for critical nighttime listening, I can hear the audible compressor hum [I live in a small place!], so that gets tuned off, via ... 
It was 40 years ago today.....
Has anyone compared the MONO mix with the STEREO mix?