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anyone mention tull?
Hevac1, I understand your point! And after a few Quaaludes, who gave a shit about the music or sound systems :-) 
What's up with the 'Piano' gloss????
Expanding on Rives post, and my previous post, I think that "Piano Gloss" is very popular and probably has a higher universal "WAF" than other exotic woods or finishes.Personally, I love exotic woods and finishes, but there is usually an expensive... 
What's up with the 'Piano' gloss????
Piano Gloss Black is a timeless classic...sort of like a black Tuxedo! 
anyone mention tull?
Hevac1, what was your penance for the sin of disco :-) 
anyone mention tull?
Hevac1, if Aqualung [and Hymn 43] sound open & uncompressed, then Classic Records must have electronically played with the remastering. See my earlier post.It would be nice to finally hear these two songs with similar fidelity of the other son... 
Earthquake Protection
Shel2nLet me hear you, nowI don't know, I don't know where I'm a gonna gowhen the volcano blow.[Jimmy Buffett -- "VOLCANO"] 
Sennheiser replacement cables
Osgorth, if you bought your 600's several years ago, they came with the 1/4" plug...now they come with the 1/8" plug.Strange, because no portable device has high enough voltage output to adequately drive the 600's, probably due to the headphone's ... 
Sennheiser replacement cables
I believe that the 580 & 600 cables are terminated with a mini-plug [1/8"], while the 650 cable is terminated with the standard 1/4" plug. 
Are dome midrange better than cone designs?
Which do you prefer, chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla ice-cream? IMHO, the individual components of a speaker are immaterial...it's the designer's philosophy and integration of quality components which will give the speaker its sound signature.Ra... 
Earthquake Protection
If you get hit by a major quake, your audio system will be the least of your concerns. Check to see if your home-owner's or renter's insurance covers damages due to earthquakes. 
Artists 'SELLING OUT' - can we discuss?
Well, maybe my perspective would be different if I had talent, and were a working musician. Hey, the classic groups of the '60's and '70's had grueling tour schedules, enless hours in the studios, constant creative and personnel conflicts, and wer... 
Vintage Harman Kardon "ballad"
These folks might be able to help:http://www.classicaudio.com/ 
Cat Power selling diamonds?
Synthfreek, which Cat song is it? 
Why does this old tube gear sound so good?
I have been told that the old tube output x-formers are "better" than the newer ones. Same thing with the older oil capacitors, which, I believe, contained PCB's...now banned.I'm not sure if this is true, but hobbyists will pay BIG BUCKS for these... 
Airport Xray scanner harmful to integrated chips?
And none taken.