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Tired of Expensive Speaker Cable. Alternatives?
MechansWow I thought expensive meant $1,000 for speaker cable. You as a group seem to think it's reasonable. And all I had to drink was coffee.Was it Starbucks coffee? Just goes to show that beauty (and expense) is in the eye of the beholder :-) 
Name a couple of HOLY GRAIL LPs
Elton John, MADMAN ACROSS THE WATER on DCC [the MoFi Gold CD is a total sonic disaster and goes for big bucks as well]Frankie Goes To Hollywood RELAX 3 song EP 12" 45 RPM Japanese pressingThe Cars HEARTBEAT CITY on Quiex 2Oilmanmojo, Stevie Nicks ... 
Breaking: Paramount/Dreamworks go HDDVD exclusive
Whatever format [HD-DVD?] the porn industry goes with will be the winner. And I am serious about this! 
Tired of Expensive Speaker Cable. Alternatives?
Viridian, stop stringing him along :-) 
Turntable lamp?
Try a Streamlight Stylus penlight. They're about the size of a pen, have an LED bulb, and are available in several colors. Momentary contact switch, or can be switched to "on". Waterproof, too. I hold mine with my teeth, or you can tuck it behind ... 
Best MM for the money or?
Actually, Chinese tubes tend to be very quiet in a phono section, but their life expectancy is pretty short. But for the price, you could pick up 10 or more for the price of a good pair of NOS tubes.In my experience, I have also found that Chinese... 
Best MM for the money or?
Why not a step-up transformer? 
Do we believe in Machina Dynamics?
What amazes me is that Audiogon allows endless threads for MD, complete with hostile and abusive posts that would be closed or removed if any other subject or product were involved.Show me the money!!!! But you may never even see this post. 
A butt-load spent in cables - how much improvemt?
I have found that it is much easier to hear a downgrade in performance rather than an upgrade. When doing cables, this is particularly easy, rather than having to switch out a big component. The "wow" factor is really evident on the downgrade, so ... 
Blinking red light inside my Proceed AVP2
A warrantless wiretap ;-) 
Why HDCD did not become a dominant format?
Two comments:First, not every high-end CD player included HDCD decoding. Playing an HDCD disc on my former moderately priced CD player was a great improvement, but I wonder the degree of improvement with a very expensive CD player.Second, I really... 
I'm not dreaming - these are great CD copies
It is my opinion the reason that "burned" CD's sound "better" is that some of the high frequencies are lost during the process, thereby removing some of the CD glare in playback on some systems which have a bright sonic characteristic.My hypothesi... 
Cleaning contacts, What first?
Someone once told me to use only white cotton to apply and remove your cleaner of choice. 
Do well-intentioned people move your speakers?
Sufentanil, if you love your mother as much as I do mine, you suppress your frustration, and calmly explain the situation to her!Prpixel, it's amazing people who are that stupid could actually survive to adulthood! 
"Glue Cleaning" Your LP's
Didn't I just see a commercial product that works in a similar in fashion? I would stay away from wood glue, and I would advise you to leave the glue for 8-10 hours, to make sure that it was fully dry. You might want to leave some distilled water ...