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Ideas on building a listening room!!
Well, you don't need a contractor and I admire the DIY mentality the pervades in this country. I've been guilty of it dozens of times over the years. They can be fun and frustrating and in the end what I've learned in many cases is that I really d... 
Ideas on building a listening room!!
You might want to contract someone professional to help you with the designing. It is a rather large and expensive undertaking and something that paying the extra money on to make sure it is done absolutely right is well worth it. 
Coax or Toslink, Which is better?
Coax is better. I'm not an engineer and I'm not going to pretend so I can't back my answer up technically. If you were doing a ridiculously long run of cable, then optical might actually be better, but Coax is better. 
best CD player or DAC under $1000
The Omega IV DAC from www.avahifi.com 
The Best Speakers for a Small Room
The Biro L/1 available factory direct from Audio by Van Alstine at www.avahifi.com is $1,500 a pair. Waiting time is usually around six weeks. 
putting together a budget system
I would buy the Jajuar II's form www.audioc.com. I haven't heard but I think its a very promising speaker for your price range. The factory direct kit is $700 and you could have a carpentar make some nice cabinets for the $500. I own Biro L/1's at... 
should I biwire???
I wouldn't biwire. It just adds to the complexity of the setup and can't say your going to get any real difference, no more than just halving the resistance of the cable. Your money for the second run of cable is probably better spent buying a sin... 
Biamping -- any good?
Don't bi-amp. You'll get better sound (and a simpler hook up) for your money buying one better amp than two amps and an electronic crossover for the same price. The comment made in the one of the other statements from the B&W sales reps was su... 
Dynaco St-70 Upgrade
go to www.avahifi.com If I recall they have a whole upgrade kit that you could do yourself. 
I owned a pair of Thiel CS.5 for a while and also heard the 2.3's (they were not quite broken in yet). I have not heard Vandersteen. I will say that the theil was a nice speaker for the year and a half I had them and hated to see them go because t...