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Exogal DAC
Thankful, I demonstrate and recommend the Clarity Cable Vortex power cord with the Exogal Comet Plus along with the Aurender N100H server.Dealer disclosure.Brian Walsh 
Music Servers
I visited a dealer friend in another part of the country a few months ago. He sells Baetis and Aurender. Sonically they are different, Baetis being more analytical. Operationally they are very different, with Baetis being Windows based while Auren... 
Cudos to Brent Jesse
I have avoided doing business with him even though he is nearby because several years ago he refused to deliver in person, saying something about their insurance not allowing customers on the premises. I understand that, but what's the problem wit... 
Best Cartridge for Kuzma Airline
Kuzma CAR-50. Magic when set up carefully. 
Bricasti M28 amps who owns then and thoughts?
Bricasti president Brian Zolner will be here for demonstrations on Saturday June 27 and Sunday June 28 of the M1 DAC and M28 monoblocks. The system will include the new Aurender N10 music server, to arrive later this week - we are the first dealer... 
Atmas-phere MP-3 MKIII --- opinions?
The other day after dinner with friends in Atlanta we went to one of their homes, where we demonstrated the Atma-Sphere UV-1 in his very high end system. The preamp acquitted itself very well even before being warmed up. They will have it for a fe... 
Quicksilver Gold contact enhancer
Brian Kyle, the fellow behind Xtreme AV, passed away on Feb. 15, 2014. It was a privilege to know him and be a good friend. Brian and I had some great times together, especially at shows.Brian Walsh 
Analog Consultant in Milwaukee Wisconsin
Teeshot, as you can see I have helped Loki1957 (twice) as well as others, including Flemke. Loki1957 wants me to fly out to Santa Fe to set up his rig when he and his wife retire out there next year. I've traveled to customers' homes on the west a... 
Dnath is correct. These NOS JFETs from the 70s have been unobtainium for a long time, and John Curl is one of only two or three people who matched them by curve tracing them. 
Sound Lab vs Magnepan 20.7
Johnnyb53, the technologies of the speakers are entirely different. Planar magnetics with voice coils glued to the membranes with permanent magnets running the height of the speakers plus ribbon tweeters versus full range electrostatics with membr... 
The End Of Big Iron?
Mcbuddah, we have something special going here the last weekend in June that you might want to attend. PM me. 
Sound Lab vs Magnepan 20.7
Didn't know you had moved. Well, late June in Chicago is a whole lot nicer than in Florida :-) 
Sound Lab vs Magnepan 20.7
Larry, come on up from Louisville. There will be no shortage of bass nor volume capability with the conservatively rated M28s. It could be a religious experience :-)Brian 
Sound Lab vs Magnepan 20.7
Mgattmch,Brian Zolner, president of Bricasti Design, plans to visit for demonstrations of the M1 DAC and M28 amplifiers on Saturday June 27 and June 28. Anyone interested in attending is welcome, but registration is strongly encouraged since space... 
Honest Vintage Tube Repair - SoCal
Jimmy2615, glad to hear it all went very smoothly. A recommendation by Steve McCormack is a solid one, as he himself is the real deal even though we haven't done just know from meeting the guy he's honest and wouldn't steer you wron...