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Best Phono You've Heard Under $2200
Pass Labs XP-15 is excellent and should be within your budget. It has been replaced by the XP-17.    
Cartridge alignment, WallyTractor, SmartTractor, oscilloscope and Analogmaigk.
@fsonicsmith  I agree with you. I tried the Mint because of the many recommendations. I also found it difficult to use, the mirrored finish seemed dull and grids were distorted. I sold it and am very happy with the Feickert protractor.            
Hearing loss
No on headphones, pumping music directly into your ears, not a good idea. I see people with ear buds turned up high so they can hear over the street noise.  
Different R2R DACs
@ozzy62  Let us know what you think of the Pontus.   
Different R2R DACs
Good question. Maybe add Audio Mirror Tubadour III to your list. I have not heard it, but it gets rave reviews.  
RIP Graeme Edge
I saw the Moody Blues several times over the years. Took my son to see them at Caesars Tahoe when he was 12 years old. His first concert experience.  
To DAC or not to DAC ?
@jrbirdman333  In what way?  
Just a thought on first impressions, items for sale....and your thoughts.
On ebay you see a lot of estate stuff pulled out of a basement and listed as is. The seller doesn't care.    
Forum admiration and requested guidance
@chakster What modern MM cartridges under $1000, if any, do you recommend? 
What cartridge for a prime super scout 10.5 arm.? Budget $500
The Hana SL retails for $750, but can be found for less.  
What song have you played the most?
@rwp2694Also from Surrealistic Pillow, "Comin' Home To Me'.Great lyrics:"The summer had inhaled and held its breath too longThe winter looked the same, as if it never had goneAnd through an open window where no curtain hungI saw youI saw you"   
Anyone Using A Boston TT Mat
I normally use a record weight, so I'll try it with that. Thanks. 
What were the radio stations of your youth that helped you on your music/audio journey?
@sricha20530Yes, I forgot KSJO 
What were the radio stations of your youth that helped you on your music/audio journey?
SF Bay AreaKSAN   SF  The best of all, free form. They would broadcast concerts                    live from Winterland and the Record Plant in Sausilito. KOME  San JoseKLIV     San JoseKFRC   SFKYA      SF  
Can (or should) you “Reclock” a Bluesound Node?
@audiotroy Yes, same question as above. Is the difference even audible?