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DAC Upgrade
I totally get buying American when possible. The two DACs I own, MHDT and Denafrips Pontus II are excellent and a great value. The Pontus is also about same net $$.    
Bluesound Node2 with outboard DAC
Yes, me too. I recently installed Google Nest Mesh system and the Node (2021) works great. Prior to the Mesh I had a Netgear wifi extender wired to the Node and I was getting intermittent audio drop outs. I also use an external DAC.  
Technic SL-1200GR VTA bearing movement. Is this normal?
I have the SL-1200G and if I turn the VTA adjuster clockwise and then counter clockwise there is about 1 mm of movement or play in the entire assembly. I've had the table for about 3 years and noticed this from the beginning. I thought it was a... 
Google Nest WiFi
No, just the extender. At that time I had an AT&T modem.    
Google Nest WiFi
@jerrybj Before I got the Nest, I used an extender wired to the streamer. It work  well.       
Google Nest WiFi
Thanks, I'll try it.  
Google Nest WiFi
@jbs So you think I could integrate an older nest point into my present set up? I tried researching this online, couldn’t find much help.    
Google Nest WiFi
Yes, it is my understanding the older version points had ethernet connections. BTW my house is built on a concrete slab so I can't run a cable under the house. Can't fish a wire either, too much trouble and it's an exterior wall full of insulation... 
Can a Bluesound Node 2i power supply really be upgraded?
@ianrmack  Anything to report regarding the T. Pardo LPS?  
FM Tuners
+1 on the Accuphase T101, I own two of them (and I also stream). For less $ look at Yamaha, Pioneer and Kenwood.            
Bluesound Node (2021) PS upgrade to Teddy Pardo; is it worth it?
I also have the Cullen C7 cable. It will not be compatible with the Pardo PS. I too, am undecided.      
Bluesound Node (2021) PS upgrade to Teddy Pardo; is it worth it?
@lowrider57 Yes, I saw that. $435 into a $600 streamer. Do you think it is cost effective, bang for the buck, etc.  
Bluesound Node (2021) PS upgrade to Teddy Pardo; is it worth it?
@lowrider57 I wonder. I have the new Node. The TP PS is $435.     
Stop Kitchen Cabinets from Rattling
"Small self-adhesive rubber stops on either the doors or cabs?" Yes, or felt.    
Best Phono You've Heard Under $2200
Pass Labs XP-15 is excellent and should be within your budget. It has been replaced by the XP-17.