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Curved and Straight Tonearms
Yes, I meant straight up to the headshell. Other than less tracking error, any other pros or cons? 
My Rega RP6, Exact combo may be going back due to hum.
Interesting solution, Les. I have a P3-24 with an Exact 2. I think if I were to experiment with non Rega cartridges, I would buy the shims that can be found online. I hope to buy a RP-8 sometime down the road.Eric 
Dog Proof Speaker Stands For Harbeth SHL5Plus Speakers
Skylan four post stands are very stable. I use them with my Harbeth C-7's. 
Dog Proof Speaker Stands For Harbeth SHL5Plus Speakers
I would focus on training your dog to stay away from the speakers. Labs are generally very trainable, although I once had a black lab that was quite loveable but dumb as a 2 x 4. What stands are you using?  
My Rega RP6, Exact combo may be going back due to hum.
Les Creatvie Edge,Did you have to raise the Rega arm for the Denon Cartridge? 
HH Scott 350 A Tuner Repair
You may want to post this question on the Tuner Information Center Forum. 
Record Cleaning Machine
I've had my Okki Nokki for about a year now and am very happy with it. From what I have read, it is a little quieter than the 16.5.   
Help: Feedback Needed for Monitor Audio Silver RS Pricing
Did you check the Audiogon Blue Book? 
List of artists that have never lost quality throughout entire career
Quality = Van Morrison 
Very Bad purchase from upscale audio Acoustic Zen Adagio
A few years ago I bought some tubes for my Integrated from Kevin Deal. Although I went ahead with the purchase and the tubes were fine, he talked down to me throughout most of the conversation. One of his comments was "Nobody does what I do" (rega... 
Short Lifetime for 6NS7 Tubes
Thanks, Lowrider57. Very interesting discussion.  
Ceiling Speakers
I have Atlantic Technology ceiling speakers in my office. I have had them up there for about 5 years and they sound fantastic. They are so pretty, I leave the grills off. The tweeter pivots and they are available with back boxes.http://www.atlanti... 
Short Lifetime for 6NS7 Tubes
I am relatively new to tubes, my integrated uses two 6SN7's. I'm just wondering what does a microphonic preamp tube sound like? Is there a specific type of distortion that occurs? Sorry, this is a newbie question.     
Resale value of new speakers
Sorry jnovak, those are unnecessary expenses. If the OP really thinks he is getting screwed, he should file a complaint with the State Dept. of Insurance. It's free and they will make sure the Ins. Co is acting in good faith. Insurance companies a... 
Resale value of new speakers
I asked the OP if he was in the U.S., he didn't respond. I'll assume he is for my comment. If he has replacement cost coverage for personal property (and most people do), he is paid the actual cash value up front (essentially the used value or RC ...