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I think it’s completely overwhelming...
Millercarbons quote   Its like that here too. Only we don’t have a Novice run group. And everyone thinks they’re the Instructor. I have been at this for about 5 years and counting . I am always learning and willing to listen . I have paid for good... 
Perfect Path Total Contact no longer?
My post was removed for stating the King Has No Clothes .  I risk my health to go out to work to serve the people of the city of New York .The moderator should show some consideration to those who stick there neck out .  RC  
It happened again tonight
I love this hobby / way of life . Listening to the Wall brings me back to the time in my life when I was in the Nassau coliseum for the live Wall show in 1980 . Audio is a time machine that can bring you back to your found memories . Where did the... 
End of the World system
You have too much time on your hands  
Which is better for a DBA (Swarm); powered subs or unpowered?
In my listening experience with my DBA system after adding the fifth sub it was like my room disappeared and only the music was left with at ambiance of the place it was recorded . I would call DBA active room treatment . Must be heard to understa... 
MC Cartridge Ideas
I have the BMC MCCI phono stagehttps://www.stereophile.com/content/bmc-phono-mcci-phono-preamplifier 
MC Cartridge Ideas
I would try a Current injection phono stage . I have a LYRA Clavis Decapo and a BMC MMC1 phono stage it rivals and in some ways surpasses my digital front end   
Which is better for a DBA (Swarm); powered subs or unpowered?
After reading this post I had to join in . I will describe my sub bass system as I have implemented it I don't know if it is right or wrong but sounds great in my room . The room is a L shaped room in a Manhattan apt. the room is mostly concreate ... 
Congratulations on your new reference . I was using my own 4 sub set up for two years . This setup makes a small system sound like a large one .Play some live music and enjoy  
Subwoofer insight.
I have been using multiple subs in my system for 2 years and learning and improving my set up . Until today after viewing this video I was using a steeper crossover slope . I tried a 6 db per octave and like the result . The one thing that makes m... 
Nice subwoofer can make your speaker sing!
Congratulations you have discovered distributed bass . Welcome to the clubhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McN2AygDMtQ  
Subwoofer insight.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McN2AygDMtQDistributed bass explained  
Direct Drive vs. Idler Drive vs. Belt drive
I use a constrained layer solution on my SP10 MK2  a K-Works ERSA mat made of ERS paper on the plater next is a OEM 1/8 rubber mat and under the record is a Boston Mat 2 all clamped by a Michell clamp .  
Reading Suggestions Please ? What is your Go-To Source?
Great post Chuck . I have been doing what you advise for the last 5 years .Listening ,tweaking and reading in between the lines . The results are stunning . The one thing I got from your post was adding the fifth sub that put the icing on the cake... 
SUT vs. Phono preamp
The Technics SH 305S that Raul mentions is a Amorphous core type . It is a very good sounding SUT as I use one . It comes close to my best LOMC reference a BMC MMC1 current injection phono preamp