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Distance/Screen SIze Formula?
TOOOOO FUNNY...great answer Chadnliz. 
Your music system is an instrument.
Let me dip it all in a vat of varnish...I'll get back to you. 
Distance/Screen SIze Formula?
most of the people on AVS forum seem to recommend the seating distance to be 1.5x the screen width (not diagonal I believe)..however I have read that people have elected distances as short as 1.1-1.2x sw.maybe you should head to an AV store...move... 
Back in the states, time to rebuild - need advice
Concentrate on getting the home first ;o)I pretty much agree with many of the posters. It seems like you have the bulk of your system already.so... one more vote for a matching rotel pre/pro & paradigm rears...and tie yourself over with a budg... 
Any thoughts on Krell
Well...it sure helps all of those that purchase their gear here used on Agon. I guess that it all really depends upon what one really want in a system. How much of a priority is placed for some on cosmetics is completely subjective. I noticed that... 
better to ask this at http://www/avsforum.com 
High end turntables Why? 2 tonearms
If you think 2 tonearms is too much...you should see... This guys system 
Your top 3 comedians
Ali GBoratBrunooh...wait...that's the same person...well...it looks like he's the new king now. 
Price vs. value point
Welcome to the fringe.Hang out here and start reading the HT forum to death...you'll learn quite a bit and you may also get a better idea of where you might want to start. I initially wanted to do some sort of surround sound getup but ended up sto... 
musicianiship--when is it bad or good ?
11/03/06: MrTennisin the interests of communication it might be advised to describe a performance, sound etc., and let the reader decide whether it is "bad" or "good".wouldn't that be kind of like describing a color? What does blue look like? And ... 
musicianiship--when is it bad or good ?
When is a performance good and when is it bad?When is a thread an actual question and when is it just a troll to get a rise out of people when the original poster already has his answer in mind? 
WBT RCA Connectors
their crimp style are still available.http://www.ramelectronics.net/html/WBT.html#0730 
How many pair of speakers do you own?
YIKES...yup...that's the first word that comes to mind. Similar to the old "What does your system retail for?" thread...It would be morbidly interesting to see what the retail value is of the stuff that all you guys have collecting dust.oh...yeah.... 
Can magnets permanently damage CRTs?
A long time ago I set a raw car speaker on top of my television. I didn't think much of it until a few days later the picture was looking a little strange...not extremely noticeable...but different...the colors were a bit off.When I picked the spe... 
Electrocompaniet ECI 3 vs. McIntosh MA-2275
Haven't heard the Mac so I can't comment on it. I own the ECI-3 and it's nice for jazz & accoustic music...a very smooth amplifier. Nice fleshed out midrange but not overly extended in the highs. It really didn't fit my tastes however so my B-...