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What about 2 separate audio systems as one?
Warren...Distortion...you guys are being far to kind.Bshabaz...you state that you started 5 threads that you assumed Audiogon did not accept and that "all of sudden...there they were"LO AND BEHOLDI call B.S. I would believe you if all the threads ... 
What about 2 separate audio systems as one?
Borat...Is that you? 
Would this fix a scratched CD?
well..."as seen on TV" would be my first red flag.Eldartford makes a good point...are the scratches just on the surface...or are they deep enough to damage the layer where the information is encoded.Personally...I would think that what might apply... 
Sanus, Skylan stand questions
Just a quick addition...from what I have read over the years on the forum...lot's of people use BluTak to secure their speakers to the stands. I use it myself and can assure you that if the speakers fall the stands will fall with them.just my 2c 
Pricing for Home Cinema Screens?
try asking at AVSforum.combtw...if I am the only one who answers your thread...does that mean that I am guaranteed a free screen? 
Most expensive Audio disapoinment?
Boy...you sure do have some interesting threads.not quite sure what purpose they serve though. 
Does anyone heard the Xindak solid state power-amp
hmmm...lotsa threads yet not a single answer for anybody elses questions in six years. 
Nationalism in Audio Products?
well...It sounds like it will be a very "neutral" system 
What music is your system setup for?
I switch back and forth between a Bryston B60 & an Electrocompaniet ECI3 integrated. The Bryston is better for pop/electronic music with electronically produced high frequencies and clear sharp distinguishable sounds. The Electrocompaniet is b... 
Selling to someone in another country
Nigeria is OK...anywhere else I would be suspect. 
does anyone have experience with mbl and lector ?
just curious...why would you ask about the lector .6 when just today you suggested it to another member seeking advise in such a "matter of fact" way?oh...yeah...here is your quote01-01-07: Mrtennisskip the rega, consider a lector 0.6 . there is o... 
Where can I find/buy blu-tak
You ordered blu-tak from another A-goner?HAHAHAHAHA.no local Kmart, Walmart, Office Max, Target or any other hardware store I suppose. 
Zu Druids
if you ask this question six...no...seven more times...you will have your answer. 
Best Acoustic Guitar Players Of All Time?
Michael Hedges is my favorite.Andy Mckee was just recently a "featured video" on youtube. IMHO...he seemed like a Michael Hedges ripoff. 
Need your help finding a pair of speakers.........
Wow...you're not kidding Warren...100+ threads answered...95% of which are in the speaker forum and of those...every one is a GMA recommendation.reminds me of the old H.P. threads...nudge nudge wink wink...hehe