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Individual International Seller Scam
I'm sorry to say that, but if you spent 15 min researching the topic prior wiring the funds, you would still have your money. There are numerous threads, here on AudiogoN and other forums, with tons of usefull advice on buying used grear. I have 1... 
Linear Power Supply for a DAC
Go for the Teddy unit. It is amazing and well worth the extra. Much better than the el cheapo PSUs you can get from ebay. I certainly love mine.  The above mentioned Uptone Audio JS-2 is another great PSU, with the added bonus of variable output v... 
Need a remote control for my Audio Research CD1 CD Player
Ask if they used the same IR code as the CD-3/5/7/8/9. The CD-1 was also Philips drive based, so it should have been using the very same RC-5 protocol.In any case, you can get one from ebay - the cheapest I found is $10 shipped.Look for 'Remote Co... 
Check if your tablet and PC are on the same network. 
Reference DACS: An overall perspective
sunandmusic,I had owned the MSB Diamond DAC IV Plus and had the TotalDAC D1 Dual on loan.If you are after AN kind of sound, I would definately look into the TotalDAC. The MSB is much more resolving, but less saturated in the midrange. At the tim... 
Music server
You need to install the OS first - Linux or Windows 7. Then you can download the Jriver from their website. I believe it is free for 30 days. I problem I see with this solution is that you will need to hookup a monitor (at least from time to ti... 
Music server
That is very unfortunate. Cary Audio MS1 uses some very simple, generic MoBo with integrated CPU. The only ’mods’ you could do is to replace the HDD with SSD, add some RAM and change the software.Personally, I would install Linux on a new SSD dri... 
What's going on with the audio market?
I'm 40, bought my first real system when I was 14. I'm chasing the rabbit still, lol. 
$16K new/used speaker question?
Why 8Ohm/90dB+ requirement ?  VK-150se monos can drive almost any speaker. You are missing out a lot of great speakers. 
ProAc Response 2 woofer rot - need some advice
No need to replace the woofers. You can refoam them. 
Which CD\SACD?
I second the Marantz idea. 
Audio Research discontinuing lower lines components?
taters,They did. But it is for sale again. Supposedly they are loosing money on ARC now. They killed the cash cow ARC used to be when Fine Sounds first bought it. 
Audio Research discontinuing lower lines components?
From what I’ve heard, ARC is for sale since October 2015.They had introduced the new, much priced higher Galileo series, discontinued the budget products, and sales have just collapsed worldwide. 
Krell KSA300S power conversion
Most of Krell amps have voltage switches inside. There should be 2 or 3 of them, each having position 1 and 2. 
ARC Ref 3: Tung-Sol 6550 in power supply?
I'm affraid you are getting what you have paid for.