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GIK Vicoustic and others
Would double dry wall be sufficient or do I need insulation such as rock wool ? Has anyone tried both?   
Lumin or Aurender
Aurender bested lumin on every level during the last 2 years.     
Diablo 300 vs Luxman 590AXii with Sopra 3
what kind of sound are you after? Spora has a beryllium tweeter which could be quite bright. Class A Luxman is a good thought but may not be powerful enough to fill the room. Look into Mcintosh integrated, specifically MA12000, its a tube pre with... 
Bluesound Node 2 and Node2i with Oppo Sonica DAC
Look into Aurender, great streamer and some models come with superb DACs, far better than Oppo.    Alternatively, get a better DAC and keep Node as a streamer. It has the best interface, IMO better than Aurender.  I own both  
Classical Music for Aficionados
Has anyone heard of Witold Lutoslawski ? Polish composer.  Just listened to his Variations on a theme of Paganini (1941) arr. for Piano, strings and percussion. There is only one recording made by Denis Matsuev on Idagio.  This recording also in... 
Best streamers WITHOUT a DAC
I think blue sound node is great, ease of use much better than anything else out there. Tidal connect works flawlessly, no need for proprietary apps, just get a better DAC and you will be all set.    Alternatively, get an Aurender A100, it's a t... 
Other factors affecting sound
great recommendations on insulation and conduits.  I was planning to get a barn door for aesthetics, is this a bad idea?  any specific recommendations on whole house surge protectors?   
Other factors affecting sound
Hubbel receptacles look decent, not sure what Industrial vs. Hospital grade is. On amazon you can get them quite cheap, $20-40.   
Other factors affecting sound
You mean in addition to the dedicated 20amp line ?  
Turntable Hum
I had the same problem. try moving around the RCA cables around while TT is on. Do you hear a change? Try moving TT to a different position. Something inside my wall was causing interference with my TT and cables.   
Considering ditching 5.1 for a soundbar; suggestions?
I was debating to have a sound bar in my bedroom. I got the Vifa Copenhagen from Ebay for under 1k. It sounds ok. I was also considering Dali Katch 2. Now I wanna get the LS50 wireless 2 to serve as 2 ch and TV stereo sound.   
New high end from Serbia? Auris audio
I heard this amp with multiple speakers. It is a work of art. How much did you pay for it ?   
New high end from Serbia? Auris audio
Who did you buy it from   
Classical Music for Aficionados
Does anyone know any interesting concert venues in upstate NY around Albany NY area? I am aware of SPAC in saratoga where philadelphia orchestra plays one week every august. I’m looking for smaller music halls in the area that host world class sol... 
No, of course not. This is class A 845 high power tube. I’m Afraid to leave amp unattended for more than 5 minutes, not to mention all the heat