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Decca London Gold or Maroon?
Deasytee, this is an addendum to my first thread response.I had forgotten that I had a maroon. So,I looked at the serial number on my maroon and as,Topoxforddoc indicated,the serial number on my maroon is 2-16-57S, which would suggest that it is a... 
Decca London Gold or Maroon?
Presence Audio in England currently manufactures and repairs Decca's. You might want to shoot them a e-mail with the serial # and they might be able to identify the cartridge for you. 
Audio Research LS-16 Mk2 vs LS-17 preamp
Rwwear, What leader am I following? I have my opinion just like you have yours! and I stated it and mine was based on having owned the LS-16mkII for 3yrs. not one week!! Just because I happened to agree with someone else doesn't mean I'm playing f... 
Audio Research LS-16 Mk2 vs LS-17 preamp
Rwwear, just because a LS-16mkII sounds bad in one system doesn't mean it will sound bad in any other systems!You take one experience and base your opinion on that and call it unbiased? Are you kidding me?As mofimadness indicated, you would do wel... 
Audio Research LS-16 Mk2 vs LS-17 preamp
Bravo Mofimadness for your response to Rwwear, I totally agree. I to have had the LS-16mkII and found it to be(in my system)just as Mofimadness articulated a very good preamp in that price range. Valhalla, I like nobody else can tell you how a com... 
Number of records you have
1500 vinyl Lp's 300 cd's 
Audio Research Amp Shootout
Ajackson1, me having a 150.2 has nothing to do with my comments about the shootout. If you read my comments carefully, you would have understood what I was trying to convey ie; again, the comparison was done with amps of different designs and diff... 
Benefit of Tube Dampers/Coolers on 6H30?
Samhar, thanks for your response. I appreciate your honesty in admitting you had made a hasty judgment,a lot of folks would not have done that. So for that kudos to you! The only thing I was asking you to do was make a fair comparison.When I start... 
Audio Research Amp Shootout
First of all lets look at the problem I see with your amp shootout to start with: you're comparing different amps in design as well as price. Should it be an epiphany to you that the SD-135($5000) and the VS-110($4500) would sound better than the ... 
Scotch? No thanks. Whats the best Vodka.?
I second Kettle one. 
ARC XLR pin s question
You haven't heard the CD-3mkII at its best until you run it with balanced cables. In fact, ARC recommends that you run the CD-3 in balanced mode. In my setup the difference was like night and day. 
How much difference does a phono stage make?
The PH-3 is a very good phono preamp. It is an older model(not the lowest end model) It was at one point ARC's top of the line model.(model years 1995-1998) You will notice a significant difference in performance from what you have now!For those w... 
Your favorite cd of Hammond B-3 organ ?
"Whatever It Takes" Larry Goldings,"Organic Vibes" Joey DeFrancesco"Dot.Com Blues" Jimmy Smith"The Sermon" Jimmy Smith 
Balanced cable for ARC CD 3/Classe CAP 151
I'm currently using virtual dynamics nite platinums with very good results. Prior to that I used anti-cables also with good results. Anti-cables can be a little bright depending on equipment. I'm not sure what they would sound like with Classe as ... 
jazz/blues piano players
I definitely second Gene Harris.