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Help! Spakers damaged during shipping?Paid insurance (with proof)being told not Insured?
Well - this puts me off Audiogon for sure.  
Speaker recommendation $1000 or less you've had in your home
+++ on the DCMs.  I lucked out and scored a pair @ $200 all in.  They need some room.  They were good enough for Bryston to use them in demos at shows back in the early 90s. 
Phono pre amp
I’m very happy with my Tavish Design Classic phono preamp. Cheap by high end standards, dealing with the owner of the company is a pleasure. 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Tonight it was some Pure Prairie League 
Tweeters are silent on my Wilson audio Sofia 2
Well, that’s Twitter for you! 😂  
Pure tube phono preamp
I’m not an expert and have not auditioned all the options, but check out Tavish Design. I have the Classic and am very satisfied. Being a US/North American sole proprietor, Richard is VERY responsive and helpful in my experience.  Not a lot of mon... 
I bought some Owens Corning 703. Now what?
When I moved I to my current home 8 years ago I asked Dennis Foley about my proposed basement room, which has a low ceiling. He didn’t recommend it at all, and I took his advice and found a different room. I understand if there absolutely is no ot... 
I bought some Owens Corning 703. Now what?
I’m not sure what the intention of the Corning 703 is for you, but I would spend a lot of time on the Acoustic Fields channel on YouTube. 
I Was Considering Active, Then I Watched This ...
Wow. I think everyone has missed Steve’s points.  
Preamp SS to match class D amp
Just gert a tube/valve preamp and be done with it.  You’re welcome. 
Are all of these NOS tube inventories real? How have we not consumed them already?
I recently bought a small lot on the evil site, mainly for the Sylvania Type 80 (ST enclosure) for the princely sum of $12.94 including tax and shipping.I’m pretty sure it is NOS, and it is a STUNNING rectifier in my Zen Amp.What I usually look fo... 
Tannoy Stirlings on the way!
"“The Stirlings are rated 91, which in my room should make the Zen sufficient on the wattage front.”I would not recommend any amp with <30watts in pure class A. Bring in the Zen, you’ve got MC152 on hand for comparison. No doubt you would appre...