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Sub for Proac 1SC?
Try the Proac er1 sub. 
Best Subwoofer for Magnepan speakers
Second the Vandy 2Wq. 
phantom center channel
Having previously used an all Vandersteen setup with 3A's and a VCC-1. I have moved to Aktiv Tri-amped Linn Ninkas with Linn 5103 as preamp. Using phantom mode, I actually prefer the sound. I dont think I will be going back to a center speaker. 
Subwoofer sugestions for ProAc 1sc
I realise this is an old thread, but I would like to suggest ProAcs own ER one subwoofer. 10" downfiring sub that is very easy to use. Hf connection is Nuetrik and line level for Lf, both with separate levels. Sound is superb music and movies. 
ProAc ER1 sub connections to Aktiv Amps
I connected to the Bass amp with the Neutrik connection.Using the HF connect made a noticable difference, the sub blends really well, highly recommend this sub, it is fast and deep. And adds a nice blend to music, Patricia Barber's Modern Cool, wa... 
ProAc ER1 sub connections to Aktiv Amps
Neutrik, is the correct spelling, my mistake.The amp section in the ProAc is the same as the REL Storm III. The Neutrik connection is 3 wires connected to the right + - and left + of an amp, on the other end is the Neutrik Speakon Interconnect tha... 
ProAc ER1 sub connections to Aktiv Amps
" Your Wakonda has two pairs of RCA outputs. One pair would go to the sub and the other would feed any of the amps. Daisy chain the other amps from there as each has an RCA output as well as an RCA input. "That's the way I have it now, I am wonder... 
Best speaker sytem for Linn majik+mimik setup?
I have A Mimik with a Wakonda preamp, running 2 LK100's and a LK85 all Aktiv to a pair of Ninkas with the Poly/conc bases. They sound wonderful, Aktiv is the way to go. Ninkas are the replacements for the Keilidhs.