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What do you think about this statement about "AUDIOPHILE"?
Yeah, I have to agree with the statement but that doesn't mean you are a fool for continuing the pursuit.  Every small increase in fidelity brings me pleasure.  Let your wallet and your conscience be your guide. 
Basic EL34 and 6sn7 tube recommendation.
I've been enjoying the 6550's that Upscale recently sent my way. Midrange isn't quite as beautiful as my EL34 tubes delivered but the 6550 midrange is still beautiful as hell and the 6550's give me more top, bottom and punch. (I can't remember the... 
Asking suggestion for $15,000 audio system for classical music
I'm a classical-oriented guy who plays, among other instruments, violin & acoustic piano.  I go to my share of classical concerts.  Tone quality and imaging are what I crave.  Slam isn't my top priority and I really don't care that my system w... 
WD-40 for electronics
My tiny vial of Tweek is now at least a decade old and it is still half full.  Green slime?  Huh?  Wha?  Maybe I should do a scientific experiment and put some on a handkerchief.   
What is "break in" and what difference does it make? In amps? Preamps? Speakers? More?
I've been through my share of gear over the years and yes, for whatever reason, I've found that the majority of components do sound better after they've been played for a while. Agreed, some of it might just be your ears coming to terms with what ... 
And now it's Neil Innes.
I still listen to my Bonzo Dog Band LPs.  RIP Neil! 
WD-40 for electronics
DeoxIT has always worked on my PrimaLuna's knobs when they've gotten noisy.  The stuff has also always improved fidelity. 
Does Digital Try Too Hard?
Maybe it's just because my ears are getting old, but to me digital glare is essentially gone.  I currently get just as much glare (and other nasties) on vinyl. In other words, as far as I can see/hear, all the glare is already there at the source. 
LA - Monrovia - Brooks Berdan Anniversary this Weekend
One of my favorite stores.  Too bad I don't live anywhere near there anymore. 
Who else here is frugal?
Follow your heart but keep an eye on your wallet. 
Vinyl cleaning and alcohol
I've never heard it before but I love the term "vinyles." Even if the spelling doesn't quite work (though I gotta say I can't come up with a good alternative), it demonstrates a cardinal rule of linguistics -- that language and languages are ever ... 
MQA and classical music
If MQA had worked for me I'd have been an avid supporter. The thing is, my ears told me otherwise.  In any case, I'm getting sick of the slug fest it's currently generating. If you like MQA, go for it. 
Why are brick and mortar HiFi dealers so bad?
I truly enjoyed going to high-end stores when I lived in L.A. Yeah, some places were run by high-handed snobs and others featured systems that just couldn't cut the mustard, but I always did my best to buy locally whenever possible.  What a luxury... 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
I'm experimenting with elevating my speaker cables, using Mytek boxes as the lifters. I'm playing an M+A Recordings CD of Sera una Noche DAC'd through the Mytek BB.  Right now I've got the cables lifted.  Yes!  A whole world of difference!  Well, ... 
Streamers with best apps?
For classical music I've found Primephonic to be a treat.  Fidelity via my Mytek BB is excellent.  I'm pretty ham-handed when it comes to the world of streaming, but I've been getting got lots of email guidance from their resident guru Marco.  As ...