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CES Rumors
back on topic, Harbeth will reportedly have a floor-standing speaker using the Radial driver/BBC cabinet philosophy/et al. We'll see - they will be exhibiting at T.H.E. show. thanks-Ed 
"Wife Friendly" full range speakers
Aerial 6s would fit the bill nicely. front-ported. 
Harbeth 40's.. if they are so good.....then why ?
They are simply not common - the require a fairly large room to work well and not be overly-bassy. And indeed they are not inexpensive, which adds to the scarcity. Great speakers if you have the room and setup. The other Harbeth stuff is worth a l... 
Motor and spindle bearing for DIY turntable
If you are trying to save money, just buy a pre-built table (pro-ject, rega, et al.) - you are not going to be able to build something better for much less $. the point of DIY is not to make it cheaper, but to make it better. IMNSHO. For a few gra... 
Cryo tubes...Are they worth it??
IMNSHO, no. not worth it. 
THE Show - worth going?
They are both industry-only (including this year, no change there). Yes, plenty of consumers get in, which is not necessarily a good thing. Both are far above any stereophool show in terms of scope, but then again CES/THE are designed for business... 
Monitor Audio tweeter screen removal
no, sorry - wrong. dispersion would not be affected. The wavelengths of the frequencies the tweeter reproduces are small, and thus invisible to the screen, smaller than the size of the perforations in some cases. So removing it only increases the ... 
Monitor Audio tweeter screen removal
Don't bother. At the frequencies the tweeter reproduces, the screen is invisible (sonically). 
Vintage tubes skyrocketing in price
Yeah, you know the run-up of the price of vintage sports cars has me pissed off too. I want an Aston Martin DB5 and $400k just seems too much. That makes nice cars exclusive to the wealthy! I am not happy. WTF!? not being happy about it is not goi... 
The Show vs. C.E.S. vs Home Entertainment
T.H.E. show is industry-only as well. CES/THE easily surpasses the HE show, IMNSHO. -Ed 
Has anyone heard the cain and cain double bens?
Yes, very nice speakers. Go for the T900 or T925A tweet if you get them. Terry Cain is a great guy, builds excellent products. -Ed 
12SL7GT tube gear
"Any amp that uses 6SL7's should take the 12SL7's. It is virtually the same tube but can handle roughly twice the voltage. "Wrong, don't be stupid. It's got a 12v filament, not 6v. It's not going to plug in and work in anything designed for 6SL7s.... 
Has anyone used cerafine caps for amp power supply
$35 for a single Elytic cap seems like a hell of a lot, to me. If you are using it just to create DC (which seems logical based on that size) you don't need one with that high voltage rating, 16v would probably be fine (depends on application), sa... 
Aerial 10T Beware? Another Look & Buyer's Guide
Heh. obviously some people posting to this thread have really short attention spans to not be able to read more than a paragraph of text. Tswhitsel, I found your posts well written and thought out. 
Power cord for Tandberg 3012 Integrated
Replace it with a normal IEC and you will be much better off. They used a proprietary pseudo-euro-nanny IEC on most of their 3000 series stuff. A normal IEC will fit with a little work. -Ed