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Luxman 3045mb reborn with EL 509-2 tubes
Glad to help out! Thanks for the follow up. Those are great amps, someday I have to get a set. Carroll is THE MAN when it comes to these, too. enjoy-Ed 
Amperex PQ 6922 vs Amperex PQ 7308
There was also a military version of the 7308, no shield or PQ. That said, if anyone is in need of some white or orange label Amperex 7308 PQ USA made I have a couple pairs I could part with. Also a single D-getter white label holland tube. I've c... 
tube amplifier auto bias- accurate?
"adjustable bias" - this is actually called Fixed Bias (yeah, great naming convention, I know). within the realm of 'auto bias' there are many possible ways to do that concept. Same with fixed bias - eg. separate bias power supply, winding, or tra... 
tube amplifier auto bias- accurate?
There are many ways a tube amp can keep self-bias on the tubes. It's neither better nor worse than fixed (Manually adjustable) bias. Some of the tradeoffs are that usually one method (fixed bias) allows a little more power output. For fixed bias a... 
Use SCD-1 with EMM DCC2?
hi Justin - alas, no. I dont' have the $ for an EMM Labs DAC at this point and don't know anyone nearby that does... but when the time comes, I have the player... ;-) -Ed 
Use SCD-1 with EMM DCC2?
hi Johnathan - Thanks for the note and information on this unit. Cool to know it's a one of a kind. -Ed 
Use SCD-1 with EMM DCC2?
Well, "No mods can be done."Is actually BS, since I have a unit that he modified to have this output. A more accurate statement would have been"no mods will be done, for our own reasons"-Ed 
Use SCD-1 with EMM DCC2?
You would need to get Meitner to modify your SCD-1 to output digital for the SACD layer, e.g. DSD output. It can be done, he did the one I have so it has that output. I don't know if he does it in general or not, I rather doubt it. This unit came ... 
Why not more on 845 SETs?
Agreed, IT coupling is excellent. Cap coupling can be nice, but to be done right IMHO requires use of an excellent cap (read: russian teflon or better), AND requires grid chokes on both driver and output tube, and a good plate-load choke on driver... 
Why not more on 845 SETs?
The 845 can go into A2 if pushed with a strong driver, but most amps don't do that (incl. the bel canto I'd say), thus the so-called 40 watts is really more like 20-25. But that's fine, it's more than plenty. IMNSHO 845 sounds better than 300B by ... 
What is " lowball"
A lot depends on the timing too. If I put up an item, I won't even consider offers below the asking price for at least a week or two. The first day or two gets the most offers and traffic to an item. Chances are if it's priced reasonably well, it ... 
does anyone know about c-j premier 5 monos?
There's been quite a bit of discussion on these, search the archives here @ Agon. They are nice amps, average selling price for a pair would be in the $3000 - 3500 range. They were $7500/pr new in 1989 or so. No fan needed. Generally pretty excell... 
Does anyone have specs on the WE422A?
I have at least one of these (was thinking of selling it, no real use for it myself). It's a fullwave rectifier, Check www.westernelectric.com for data sheets. I can't recall offhand if it is pin compatible with the 274 or not - possibly so. -Ed 
Wilson Benesch Full Circle Set-Up
The manual is pretty good, I think. Don't worry about the antiskate ball hitting the pole - it doesn't matter when the arm is out near the outside of the record. once it's more into the record (like 1/2 way through or more) then the AS comes into ... 
Vintage tubes skyrocketing in price
"The odds of actually getting TRUE NOS tubes are pretty small."Maybe, but true not if you know where to shop. And that's specifically NOT on Epay. Besides, the term NOS is even open to interpretation itself. -Ed