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Jeff Rowland Design Group -- Factory Tour
More pics please! post everything you have if you can. Fascinating to see that stuff being built. thanks for sharing.-Ed 
Someone hit Martin Logan CLX with the ugly stick?
Fugly, esp. compared to the original CLS. Even fugly compared to some of their hybrid offerings. 
If you had 10k to spend on tube amp?????
Wadia 170
2 other Digital output docks out there (or coming soon), from DLO and I think Creative. (cheaper and more features than the wadia too)fwiw-Ed 
BAT VK55 vs VK 60
The 60 is basically the same as the 75. the 55 is a cheaper/smaller version, that makes several compromises in design (and thus sonics). the 60 is a screaming bargain @ the asking prices, currently. they work fine single-ended, should be no extra ... 
Selector switches?
2nd the John Chapman choice. Even more up market than the SHallcos are the Seiden 45SG series that John used to carry. Still available from Japan, figure about $160+/ea for 23-28 step one. Tachyon carries them and will sell/ship to the US. -Ed 
THE08: Room: 1001: comments on Berning?
They feel expensive. Like 30 large... a lot compared to what he used to sell stuff for. Also, looks like the MicroZOTL is no longer sold? Or at least that is how it seems on his website. -Ed 
Sony CDP-Xa7es vs newer Sony CD/SACD players?
the SCD-1 betters the Xa7ES. I had both for a few years. the S9000es also betters the xa7, though less so. Still, the Xa7 is a superb player and has a lot going for it, but if you can swing the SCD-1, ultimately it's a better choice (plus plays SA... 
Phono stage with gain control?
The Wright wpp100c is actually a better choice than the wpp200c. It uses tubes that are better suited to phono-stage usage, and are not in demand (thus: cheap!). the Framed-grid 6Er5 is a much better gain tube than the 12ax7 for this application. ... 
Sweet sounding SE tube amps under $3K USED
the BAT VK-60 meets all those criteria and can be had for about $2k used (sometimes less). Single-ended bridge topology-Ed 
Capacitors for BAT VK-60
Try changing the V1 6SN7 first, that should have the most sonic effect of anything mentioned in this thread yet so far. -Ed 
Capacitors for BAT VK-60
I'd try a pair of the russian teflon .1uf caps in parallel for each of the Jensens. The russian teflons are a bargain ($5/ea) and exceedingly well made, likely better than any of the other (way overpriced) current commercial teflon caps. the jense... 
Turntable tech in Seacoast -Portsmouth-NH area
The best place nearby that I know of for analog expertise is Fidelis in Derry, NH. (www.fidelisav.com). Walter helped set up my table (which I bought from him), and did a great job of it. -Ed 
Cabinet Builders???
Try Brooks Tanner in Manchester NH. Great guy, have had him build a bunch of custom stuff for me. www.bjtanner.com -Ed 
Electronluv. Has anyone experienced these?
Yes, I have a few pieces of his. Sound to match the looks, quite reliable operation (in my case). Practical? well, depends on your point of view. No worse than any other tube stuff really. -Ed