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Tube Characterization: 6DJ8, 6922, 7308, CCa, etc
Amen Jafox. Very well said, and Kudos to Photon as well. 
Phase Linear
Great boat anchors 
Broken binding posts on snell eIII's help
Hey Jab. Unless stock posts you would keep on looking. Why? 
Pick your poison...2-channel or multi?
CdWallace. Why so cynical? 
Pick your poison...2-channel or multi?
Cd wAllace. Wake up ans smell the coffee! 
Just ordered my Supratek Chenin Preamp
Hey Ait. Congrats on your preamp choice sir,and it's well worth the wait. As others have suggested: run it in for a few hundred hours before rolling tubes. Most nos 6sn7's from different manufacturers[and there are many] will have a flavour... the... 
If $ was no object what speaker would you buy?
Actually Gregm, one existed long before the Audio Exclusive. It was called the acoustat X. Three e-stat panels driven full range with an OTL servo tube amp employing the 6HB5 tubes. Many of them still operating to this day. 
Anyone try Townshend Super Tweeters?
Jtgofish. Hmmmmmmm.... .5uf or 1uf cap? Are you using an inductor in series with the cap? 
What is a good sounding classic tube amps to hunt?
Hi Gonglee. Not sure about the rouge stuff but any of the classic amplifiers on your list would partner very well with most any the alnico based JBL's from the same era. I am assuming you are thinking tube amplifiers here however I seriously doubt... 
A good amp for Tannoy speakers
Hello Nakolawala. Even though the Tannoy's are a fairly efficient load with a relatively begnin impedance, they are rather sensitive to the choice of amplifiers, tube amps in particular as many don't have the grip or control over the bass driver t... 
Coping in an Age of Uncertainty
Hey John. Great analogy.... well said. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Hi Allen. Yeah, I can appreciate the beauty, however considering the cost of any nos 5au4, the sovtek looks a whole lot better in a box. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Hi Allen. The 5u4g will work for rectification duty but really not recommended in the supratek. It is a "directly heated" rectifier wherby the 5ar4/gz34 is an indirectly heated rectifier.... meaning it has a much slower ramp up time preventing any... 
How to upgrade a nondetachable power cord?
Allan. You got mail. 
How to upgrade a nondetachable power cord?
Hi Allan.If your apprehensive about cutting a hole in the chassis. The only alternative is to cut the existing cord close to the chassis and solder the female receptacle to it,use a heat shrink to make it look a little more professional....kind of...