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Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk.3.1 Vs. Atma-Sph. MA-2 Mk.3.1
Rushton. A great analogy and well said. 
Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk.3.1 Vs. Atma-Sph. MA-2 Mk.3.1
Mechans. With all due respect: re powering the Avalons with Atmasphere amps. No doubt in my mind the MA-1 would be the better choice over the MA-60. The MA-60 hasn't a chance comparatively speaking here. For that matter, even the MA-1's would be c... 
Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk.3.1 Vs. Atma-Sph. MA-2 Mk.3.1
Hi Don. I don't mean to sound condencending, however... to keep things in perspective here regarding the sellers statement of power being the dynamics component to capture the dynamics of live music is way off base here.To give you some perspectiv... 
Atma-Sphere MA-1 Mk.3.1 Vs. Atma-Sph. MA-2 Mk.3.1
Hello Don. The begnign impedance of the vintage Tannoy DC's makes for the perfect marriage with OTL amplification. Each and every model of the Atmasphere OTL amplifiers will be more than capable to drive your Tannoy Golds regardless of level you w... 
Yamamoto A-08S and Audio Note ANe
Cheap low end amp! say what? 
Best Integrated w/ Phono-In under $350
Hey Gang. A bunch of good suggestions here however, it would be a whole lot easier to make a recommendation if we knew what speaker he intends on is using it with. 
Proac D38R with SET amp
I would have my doubts about any an amplifier employing a single 2a3 triode/channel. May work if configured in parallel/channel however I still don't believe that it would be a synergistic match.As mentioned above, the Cary 805's are a fabulous pa... 
Proac D38R with SET amp
Hi Fudgeo. While I haven't heard the later D38 mated to a set amp, I have direct experience with the both the response 3.5 and the 3.8 paired with an 18watt/ch KR 18bsi.Both were outstanding in a medium sized room [18ft x 14ft]Due to the rather be... 
Active crossover advice for 1000hz biamp
For a vintage Tannoy by chance? 
Guru QM-10... Anybody Heard Them? More Than Lows?
Why replace the cubs....a fabulous speaker my friend. 
Luxman CL-35MKIII or Audio Research SP-8
Porto. From a life long Tannerd & former user of both preamps.Chatta. Say what? A little bit better?....surely you must be kidding here. Have you heard both products side by side in your own rig? I will be blunt and to the point : There is jus... 
Change EL84 tubes on Eico HF 81
Hi San jose. Hey, Merry Christmas.Is your HF-81 circuit still stock?It is always advisable to replace the el84's with closely matched pairs/channel with any self biasing type amplifier. Randomly substituting output tubes in an amplifier employing ... 
What is your favorite tube for a preamplifier ?
Hi Gang. In reference to Casouza's post stating the 6sn7 as a direct decendent of the 6sn7. Although electrically equivalent and both employ the same octal base, the 6j5 is a single triode whereby the 6sn7 is a dual triode [basically two 6j5's in ... 
Help need an integrated amp for Tannoy Stirling
Hi Porto. I would 2nd the Manley Stingray as recommended by Face.Although I have never heard the Tannoy Sterling. My buddies Stingray was a synergistic match with my Tannoy Westminsters....very impressive indeed. 
Great old speakers that are as good as new ones
Most any vintage tannoy... silvers, reds, golds or HPD's.