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What Integrated Amp do You use
Audio Hungary Qualiton X200 in my main system. Game Room Raven Audio Blackhawk 3.1 Office Vincent Audio SV200 Hybrid. Pool/Deck NAD 3045. Shop NAD 3020.  
Cable Goop Review George is going to freak!!
@fuzztone you crack me up. 
Cable Goop Review George is going to freak!!
@mapman I agree 100% and I use Stabilant 22 the same stuff my Avionics Tech uses in our DHC6 and KA200. I have used it for 20 years and have used it on sensors in my race bikes also. Cleans all the noise out of my data acquisition. 
Three cheers for Keith Herron
Thank you for sharing.  
US Speaker Manufacturer MOST in need of a Great Designer??
@mattmiller  Sonus faber is an Italian company. And their speakers are wonderful and not in need of a redesign. Rolled out 3 or new lines in the last 2 years.Please  
Best drink while listening to your rig?
Sparkling water thank you. 
Opinions on Sim 330A Power Amplifier
330A is the current entry level for Simaudio Separates. Amp is an AMP the pre is what makes it.  
So how much do you think the placebo effect impacts our listening preferences?
This is a funny post.I certainly can tell the difference listening to my Focal Elear vs My Grado RS 1e vs. placebo plashmedo.  
Why does Esoteric refuse to update its older models ?
Gibson is bankrupt and Onkyo is suffering also. In March 2015, Onkyo purchased Pioneer Corporation's Home Electronics Corporation, which produces home cinema amplifiers, Blu-ray players and other AV products. In return, Pioneer took a 14.95% stak... 
Why does Esoteric refuse to update its older models ?
@jasonbourne52 that is not capitalism  it is consumerism and psychology. Under standing your customer and their desire and willingness to pay big $$$$$$ for the latest and greatest. As @riaa—-blah blah blah said there is no $$$$ in up dates unless... 
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2021
May fly up and check it out. If the state don’t shut down due to the D Variant of COVID. 
LSA 20 Statement Speakers
@mbennes buy them you have  a generous return privileges with Wally.Buy what you like dude. 
LSA 20 Statement Speakers
@mbennes reach out to this member.https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/9586 
The stereo sounds fine, music is great, but Jeff Bezos came back to earth.
@kob I agree. Both my Father (Korea Vietnam) and Grandfather (WWII Korea and Vietnam) were career Army one a ring knocker (Dad) the other CW5. Both instilled a lot in me about hard work and earning your rank and station in life.I am just a young p... 
Opinions on Sim 330A Power Amplifier
I had 2 of the 330A running in Mono with the 390 as a pre.Wonderful setup but was way way more than I needed.I have been downsizing and have gone all tubes.