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Advice for novice needed on turntable
I’m looking at all of these suggestions, some were real surprises 
Amps for KEF Blade 2
Fantastic together. I have been on the audiophile merry go round for more than 25 years. I use a Mac mini into a PS Audio DirectStream DAC directly into the amps. I’m done. This is my “forever system”. Good luck to all of you and merry Christmas! 
Mac "mini toslink" headphone jack
I'm using "Audirvana Plus 3" on my iMac because I want to listen to DSD when available. Unfortunately, when using the toslink line, DSD ISO files will not play through the DAC. An USB connection will play DSD ISO files. Apple Lossless files have n... 
Amps for KEF Blade 2
Thanks mmeysarosh for the informative post. I decided to contact Benchmark about their AHB2 amps driving the KEF B2s and this is what they wrote back to me:"This is from engineering. This is actually a very easy speaker to drive in mono mode. It i... 
Theta Prometheus Monoblock vs Bryston 7BSST2
yyzsantabarbara, I'm about one year behind you but going down the same path. What did you discover about the Prometheus/Blade2 combination? 
Anticables speaker wire have no plastic jacket/insulation?
gdnrbob, thanks, I did before I started this thread. Anticables have not replied yet. I will post what they reply. Additionally, I wanted this discussion to be public in case any one else had the same question in the future. 
PS Audio DirectStream network bridge
Thanks Mark, the mountain villa analogy made me laugh, good post. I'm still considering both possibilities but now I feel I'll be making an informed decision. 
PS Audio DirectStream network bridge
Thank you, this is what I wanted to know. It sounds like Roon has the ability to connect to the network bridge directly over the lan so I could keep my computer elsewhere if I use Roon. I'm trying to decide how much I don't want a computer in the ... 
solid state amp power
Mesch: that's a good point about the gain, I may have to email ps audio about that 
solid state amp power
I have heard good things about Pass amps but I thought they had the reputation of room heaters. Is this not true?