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Universal Remote for Classe SSP25 Pre/Pro
Just learned something. Went to the Logitech site and found that you can enter a device and their database returns a result showing which of their remotes can be used with your device. My query was immediately answered with "All Harmony products c... 
Universal Remote for Classe SSP25 Pre/Pro
Thank you Riffer. I found remanufactured Harmony One's for $149. Sounds like a great deal. Also wrote Classe and asked for suggestions. They have been very responsive thus far with previous questions. 
OT: CES January 2004
Thanks for the great info guys. Anyone have a suggestion for obtaining entry into CES since it is a trade show?I have an acquaintance working for a high end retailer that may be able to provide me with a suggestion but would welcome your input as ... 
Jazz Recommendations
Pieces of a Dream/Love's SilhouetteIncredible music and well recorded. 
Is adding a power amp to an A/V receiver worth it?
Ditto on the above posts. By using a power amp your sound will be much improved. Also, since you have been patient in building your system, you can look forward to purchasing a quality pre/pro to eventually improve your system even more. I did jus... 
ute-friendly speakers?
"and you blend"Great movie and I second the opinion of Douglikesaudio on the Martin Logans. They are somewhat indestructible...Best of luck- 
tubed pre for vandersteen 3a sig's
These sound like excellent recommendations. Thanks for taking the time to assist...David 
Please explain preamp theater pass thru
Excellent explainations. I now fully understand and can get on with my search for a nice preamp without the limitation of needing a processor loop on the pre.Many thanks... 
Perfect Pitch?
Aida-w, your description reminds me of the time I dropped acid and listened to Jimi Hendrix. WOW!!! 
Stunning cable comparison
I'm sure you guys are all right. I now recall a long burn in on the Signal Cable wires. One day I suddenly realized the sound was MUCH better. This will probably be the same case noting that Acoustic Zen is well known for their superior sound qual... 
optical or coaxial audio cable?
Don't bother until you get into higher end gear (seperates). I also had a Yamaha for a while and the optical was fine. I now use coax with my Innersound amp and Martin Logan speakers. Coax is a slight improvement...Happy listening! 
DTS is without question the best format... 
Best Pre-Pro especially considering 2 channel
Don't leave out Classe' in your search. I have the SSP25 with analog bypass. Great performer as a processor and excellent two channel with the analog bypass. Anthem also has analog bypass and has received excellent reviews.Best of luck... 
Best speaker cables for Martin Logan
I'm using Monsters on my bi-wire Aerius fronts without a problem. No noise just clean sound... 
Help with pre/pro for Krell/B&K/Martin Logans
Sorry Tok20000 did'nt mean to short change you on your suggestions. Just got a little quick on the response trigger.Again, thanks a mil for the suggestions.