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Best integrated tube amplifier, under $3,000.00. No phono needed. Could be used, too.d
 I would agree with the few people out here that said the Rogue Magnum would be the best especially after you rolled the tubes  
The Truth About Power Cords and there "Real" Price to Performance
I own a brand new pass lab XP 27 and I also purchase some Cardas cables to hook up to my amplifier which is also passed lab when I first started listening to it it sounded so horrible that I could not take no matter how much I adjusted the dials t... 
Noise from my emerald physics 4.2
I figured out the problem I remove the Tweeter from the mid-range assembly with the top of the speaker it just unscrews inside of the mid-range woofer itself is a little silver cone shaped piece of metal that is supposed to be glued to the center ... 
Noise from my emerald physics 4.2
I appreciate your help and your thoughts the last thing I want to do however is to start taking it apart I took a video of it with the sound but I have no idea how to get it on the audiogon so people could see it and listen to it 
The Truth About Power Cords and there "Real" Price to Performance
 I agree with you on the difference of power cords make on my system a few Kimber cables that cost between three and five hundred bucks I really don't want to spend more on it because I have this fear that you are dealing with the laws of diminish... 
The dirty secret within the speaker industry
I have a pair of emerald physics 4.2 loudspeakers and it is just a plate with two 16 inch woofers and a 12 inch midrange there is no sides to it and no back to it and they are the best sounding speakers I've ever heard 
Are you buying the right interconnects ?
 sounds good to me 
Who needs a Preamp??
 my thought process has always been your amp and preamp is only as good as the interconnect cable that connects the two products some people love separates me I got myself a really good integrated and that's my word on that 
Considering simplifying my system... talk me down (or whatever)
I have simplified I had amp and preamp and phono preamp sold them for a good amount of money and bought  me a pass labs and it is fantastic 
Time to buy a class D amp?
First off I would never own a Class D amp I don't care how far they've come along they will never equal a Class a the only thing that I can say about them is their lightweight they're cheap but they're all so noisy anybody who has had years of exp... 
Dreaming of a DIY 8W Class A amp designed by Nelson Pass?
 two things one I've already own a pass lab amp and the second one is 8 watts you would be severely limited to the speakers that you can hook up to it sorry to be such a drag 
Considering simplifying my system... talk me down (or whatever)
Find yourself an old McIntosh integrated lure a good Denon integrated but if you got money to spend I will suggest you buy a pass lab integrated 
Phono Preamp
Most annoying song, period.
 Maxwell's Silver Hammer by the Beatles hell it was so bad Paul had to do the song by himself because the other three Beatles couldn't stand it 
You've tried other amps and ended with Pass, please discuss
What is it with you and Pass? I think you must work for pass labs competition.