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Anyone interested in cartridge setup using analogmajik too much to spend myself but would love to share.¬†Duffster 
B&W Nautilus 803 or B&W 702 S2?
HIMy 2 cents I'm driving my 802D3 with Tenor OTL and generally don't push them to 90db at the listening location, the sound is exquisite.¬† They seem to still have headroom if you can stand to be in the room above 90db, no stress on the amp or the ... 
Ceiling fan in listening room?
I have a tube system and it's next to window so I took a furnace duct, vent fan to pull the heat out of the room when it's really hot outside over the summer.¬† I had to add a speed controller to get it quiet enough, not ideal but I only do it over...