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Back to the DAC
I see you are sorted. But in case others are reading, there are two European DACs worth thinking about, both north of $10k though: 1. the CAD 1543 mkII is an incredible R2R DAC with no streamer. In fact it is beautifully stripped down with a in-h... 
Moving into an apartment with wood joist floors - worried about neighbors hearing
As others have said, carpet the floor definitely.  Also 100% agree the Townshend platforms or Gaia feet, the latter on a granite slab. I definitely recommend near-field listening. A friend has a pair of huge high-end floor standers, on the end of ... 
How easily can you distinguish between different DACs?
@mapman - the A/B test I did was not from two vanilla $500 streamers.  The actual SOtM streamers were both SMS-200 neo SE ($1000) both connected to a Sean Jacobs DC3 dual-regulated PS ($2000). Both streamers connected to an SOtM sCLK-0CX10 ($4000)... 
How easily can you distinguish between different DACs?
That’s interesting that you ask this @audiodwebe as I did an experiment just the other day. My system is a high-end system (Vitus amplification, top of the range Boenicke speakers). I have two identical SOtM sms-200 streamers which I connected ba... 
Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?
@thecarpathian all I see is help/email preferences/edit profile/logout. Where is this virtual system option?  
Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?
@thecarpathian  thanks. And how do you post your own photos?  
Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?
I have not posted my system pictures as I see no place to post them. I also do not see anywhere to view other peoples system photos. I suspect that would be the main reason why people do not post them.  Can anyone tell me where they are?  
Advantages of Roon: - Roon seamlessly integrates streaming services and your ripped CD files into one database. You create a library of your local ripped files and streaming service albums you add to your library. So even if you have no locally s... 
Ethernet Switch- what's the point?
Nate - a switch, apart from being a convenient device to increase the number of ports you have available for attaching things to your router, will often improve the sound. To do this it needs to be a good quality switch. It does this by reclocking... 
High end speakers at low volume
Your Vitus amp is absolutely top class.  Unless you want an amp with loudness or tone controls I don’t think you will find any change to the low volume rendition by changing amps.   
Stephen Stills
@rpeluso - if you like the album, and particularly if you like Sugar Babe, then you have to read this: https://lefsetz.com/wordpress/2023/05/29/sugar-babe-live-at-berkeley-1971/  
Appropriate Apple table for Roon
If you are unfamiliar with Roon some of these answers will not be helpful. To run Roon you need four devices, some of which can be combined: 1. A Roon Core. This cannot be a tablet. It is usually an Intel NUC computer (of which the Roon Nucleus i... 
Question about Shunyata Power Conditioners
Definitely home demo any conditioner as everyone’s electric conditions are variable. I have very clean and stable power, and whilst I have great success with Shunyata power cables (Alpha EF) l found the Denali simply smoothed the sound and reduced... 
user poll on seperates vs integrated
I would argue that unless you need huge reservoirs of power delivered via monoblocs, then integrated is the way.  I did have separates but found no SQ compromise moving to integrated (albeit with different brands).   Having done a lot of research ... 
The best speaker cables you’ve had
Townshend Fractal F1. Simply sublime.