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siltech 550i
I have the 550i interconnect I just listened to Jimi Hendrix electric Ladyland (I've heard this album 1000 times) and kept having to pause because I thought someone was at the door, when in fact it was sounds within the mix!I am ordering the 330l ... 
siltech 550i
They are sounding better after one week. The most natural organic cable I have ever heard. 
siltech 550i
I'm Auditioning a a pair as we speak. They are not run-in but sound fantastic straight out of the box. 
ProAc D28 vs Usher Dancer Mini 2
I have heard both proac and usher and felt that the Usher beat the Proac in every way. I bought the last pair of mini-dancer 2 BE in the country. 
Comments on Tannoy Kensington SE - Room size
do you have Tannoy prestige speakers Vintagechile?i noticed you have ATC speakers with high powered Chord amps, bit unsure as why you insist Tannoy and single-ended are a bad match? 
A great article about a pair of Tannoy's
thanks for all your help 
Comments on Tannoy Kensington SE - Room size
waiting on a pair of Kensington SE hoping to get them before Xmas. Using an 18 Watt SET amp. Store only had the Tannoy DCT-10 and the amp drove them easily, so think the Kensington will be even more enjoyable. Anyone with Tannoy and SET experience? 
Anyone heard of Tannoy Turnberry HE speakers?
any experience driving them with SET amps?