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Looking For 90% of the performane of the super expensive cables for much less money
I too was curious about Dueland 16ga. Bought a pair and am blown away at how analog they sound. Serious bang for back.  
Best Loudspeakers for Rich Timbre?
One more for Tannoy Prestige range 
Bardo and 10.5 vs Stabi S and 4point 9
I have Kuzma Ref2 with 4 Point 9 (Cardas Clear wire). Using a Phasemation PP-1000 couldn’t be happier.  
Shindo Monbrison balance issue?
I had the same problem when I owned a Monbrison years back. The distributor got me replacements valves sent from Shindo direct as both the PCL88 ( I think that’s what they were) looked completely different. It didn’t help and I ended up selling it... 
Accuphase E470 v. Luxman L509x
I have heard them both. They are both great integrateds. I would describe the Luxman a bit to the neutral side of the scale compared to the Accuphase. The Accuphase just has a more golden midrange that sounds tonally and timbrely correct. The Luxm... 
Phono stage and cartridge
HiI had a similar problem with my set up. I was using a Denon 103. They’re are a bit fussy with tonearms and sound best with a heavier mass tonearm. I tried an Ortofon Cadenza which smoothed things up whilst offering greater resolution too. I am a... 
Cartridge Recommendations
Absolutely not fatiguing just don’t find that I am engaged in the music as much. To me (don’t flame me people) I find it a cerebral cartridge whereas the Red is more visceral and fun sounding.  
Cartridge Recommendations
I am currently using a Cadenza Red. I have a Black too but prefer the Red on my musical selections. The Black is brutally neutral whereas the Red has more colour, tone and energy but loses out on frequency extension. A friend has the Bronze and I ... 
Why so many linn lp12s for sale
I went down the Linn rabbit hole. Now have a Kuzma Ref 2 and 4 point 9 tonearm. Coat me less than a Radikal LP12 and beats the Linn in absolutely every way. ....and yes it “plays the tune”! 
Phono stage
I have the Goldnote Ph-10. Give it 100hrs running in and you’ll be stunned at how good it is. Add on external power supply comes out soon too! 
A bit confused?????70 people on the planet have enough money to buy a $30,000 tonearm. Irrespective of sound quality, measurements, science, test results,etc.....why is it so important to you that you make them aware that they are not true audioph... 
Has anyone heard the Miyajima 'Snakewood' cartridge,
Thanks for reply.  
Has anyone heard the Miyajima 'Snakewood' cartridge,
What tonearm do you have it mounted on? 
Jadis JA30 Mk2, how great???
Just auditioned the DA88S with Kt120 and the i50 with KT150. Does anyone know the difference between the DA88s and the new i88 other than the different tubes?is the i88 replacing the DA88s?thanks  
80s Metalheads...sleeper picks
I use to have Diamondhead on vinyl. Big influence on Metallica.