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Which Universal Remote?
Harmony! Easy to program for multiple different systems, rooms, and individual pieces. 
First Annual " Whaddya Get? for Xmas "
Origin Live Silver Tonearm 
Whats the consensus on Zu's loudspeaker cables?
I started with the Julians and loved the sound in my system at the time (Shanling SP80 EL34 monoblocks, Aurum Cantus L3 Sig., Monolithic Sound PA-1 pre). The sound was open and had nice tone with good extension. The build quality was excellent. As... 
SED Winged C el34. Help
Excellent tube if it is the one manufactured in St. Peterburg. New ones are only labeled as Winged "C". I have used a quad for over two years without a problem and they hold a good solid bias. The Tube Store is a great source or Jim McShane is ano... 
Most Audiophiles by State
Other States may start out with the most audiophiles but they all migrate to Florida eventually.drrsutliff 
which one would you prefer ayon1 or lector7
I have not heard the Ayon but my lector has a beautiful analog like presentation that places in above all the players that have preceded it (Shanling, Marantz). The soundstage is very wide and distinct allowing not only for the placement of indivi... 
Best cart for a Michell Gyro SE/Tecnoarm combo?
I am using the Blackbird on an Origin Live table with a modified RB300 at this time and I really like the detail and presentation. I found the Blackbird, even though it is a HOMC, works well at a loading of 22K ohms as apposed to the advertised 47... 
Sensible upgrade from Denon DL160
Totally agree with Phill. I ran a DL-160 through a load lower than the 47K and it improved most of the issues you are concerned about. I found 22K to work very well for the DL-160 and subsequently for the Sumiko Blackbird(a cartridge that may be w... 
Tubes for ARC VT100
Second Jim McShane for the matching and burn in testing you are looking for."www.pages.prodigy.net/jimmcshane/" 
Getting back into digital. Please help.
Consider the Lector line. My 0.6 model has a true tube (12AT7) output not just a tube buffer and gives a near analog presentation for a resonable cost. It is not bright and forward but slightly dark and dynamic with very good detail. 
Turntable recommendations under $1500
Origin Live Aurora MK2 - about $1350 (new)and then add your own arm. I am using a modified RB300 and Sumiko Blackbird with mine and it is dead quiet. If you can find one used it would be an even better deal but they seam to be rare on the used mar... 
Billy Cobham's Spectrum
The original pressing is dynamic and much superior to the CD release. I have had the original since the late 70s and still am amazed by it. Great addition to any collection. 
Cartridge Alignment HELP
You are correct in that some of the two point protractors require you to move them after getting a tentative alignement at the first point. The protractor you referance from enjoythemusic sould allow you to not move the protractor and the stylus t... 
CD Players with Volume control?
Many of the Shanling Players. 
Best cartridge for my setup?
I totally agree with Mingles about the DL-160 though I have not listened to the 2M blue to be fair. For the price the performance is excellent. I have used both the DL-160 and the DL-110 in systems and was always impressed at their performance.