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Quantum Science Audio Thread
In my system, I realized that I would have to do fuse tests separately for each component. My preferences after warming up QSA fuses (300h continuously), compared to my Orange:Classe M300 power amp (biamp mid/high). With Yellow, there are not big,... 
Kubala-Sosna Cables..... I don't get it ?????
I have one Elation (incl Furu-50 NCF connectors). I tested it only for transport/DAC. Elation is a little more interesting than the SR Atm X3, but the difference is in the nuances. I use JPS Aluminata for transport and SR Galileo for DAC, and it's... 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
The following test is designed for Sotm UsbUltra and OCX10 (Paul Hynes SR5 power supply). At this point, the QSA easily blew away the orange SR in all aspects. Surprisingly, for the Lumin U1 (and the Paul Hynes SR5 power supply) I like orange now... 
Quantum Science Audio Thread
Today I compared orange and yellow colors on Classe monoblocks (biamping medium/high) - a difficult choice. The Yellows won, but by a small margin. More dynamics and detail. But at medium frequencies, they are inferior in musicality to orange ones. 
Stillpoints Ultra 6 vs Critical Mass Center Stage 2
I would be grateful for your advice.I choose the best feets for monoblocks (now Stillpoints Ultra SS) and sources (now SR MiGs). Has anyone compared Townshend Pods and CMC Stage 2? 
Need to clean some cds
Professional solution:https://www.ebay.com/itm/284352807172?hash=item4234bf8104:g:qr4AAOSwyxZg252M 
Seeking advice on power conditioners/regenerators
I had the opportunity to compare many options. My choice:For power amplifiers (using Classe): Isotek Titan/Super Titan. Here, PS Audio smothered the speaker. SR Powercell is excellent.For sources: the final choice was from PS Audio P10 (less power... 
Snake oil??
Thank you for the experienc 
Favorite cable brand.
If you choose only one brand, then Synergistic Researh. There are no other options for me.  
Synergistic Research Galileo SX Power cord. (Opinions on sound quality appreciated).
Ozzy,I chose the Galileo SX for my DACs as the best. On the transports, the Aluminata (reterminated with Oyade M1/F1) remained, the pre-amp remained with Odin. 
Rotel RA-1592 vs McIntosh MA252 on B&W 702 s2
About 20 years ago, I thoroughly tested the amplifiers for B&W. For an average price, Rotel B&W was the best choice. The models have changed, but the nature of the components has not changed. For the children's homes, I deliberately chose ... 
Cheap Tweeks
Best cheap tweak - Jack Daniels, but not for long)) Bybee iQSE is an absolute benefit.  
Surge protectors and power conditioners - Good idea or bad?
My experience. I have an individual 2AWG copper cable from the transformer substation to my cottage, my individual ground loop has 3ohm. The cleanest phase goes to the listening room. However, air conditioners and regenerators are of great importa... 
Synergistic Research Galileo SX Power cord. (Opinions on sound quality appreciated).
Has anyone ever come across a Galileo SX or Odin with a Stage3 Kraken for an amp? I will be grateful for your feedback. 
Synergistic Research Galileo SX Power cord. (Opinions on sound quality appreciated).
I have a Galileo SX AC. I compared them with JPS Aluminata, Kubala Elation, Nordost Odin. The results of my subjective tests: For transport (Esoteric P-03)-for my taste one level with Aluminata; for DAC (Esoteric D - 02)-out of competition; for pr...