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Replacement Motor for a Vintage Thorens TD 160 Turntable
I’ve opened many Thorens motors, there is nothing to go wrong. Check the oil in bearing, belt....the pulley is meant to slip on the axle, it’s a clutch.If I can help anymore send me a message.... 
AudioMachina V8
I own one. He was running a special for agon members.He seems to be a nice guy.Ive used it with many cartridges on a Sony PUA-7 and Jelco 750. I can’t comment on a night and day difference. Seems smarter than a Houdini...the effect may not be as d... 
ZEN cartridge ?
I own a Zenn mcz/2 and it is a wonderful cart.I also own both Victor MC-1 and MC-5E.it is quite remarkable how similar the ZENN and the MC-1 sound. Easily two of my favorite cartridges ever-so far...unfortunately the MC-1 I acquired was NOS from t... 
Warning: China-Hifi-Audio.com
Smaarch, I agree about PP being crappy.I lost over $1500 for a purchase that I returned and am out my money and product! The seller in China somehow “refused” the return package AND swapped the product with a piece of some kind of funky pipe fitti... 
Peter Lederman in Second Bout With COVID-19
Wish him the best. 
Raise your acoustic panels or die
Shocker! Panels meant to be mounted on wall sound better on the wall than on the floor?groundbreaking thread.Not going to investigate but is there a quota of mentions that need to be made to keep that discount?sorry couldn’t resist, sticking with ... 
Dunlavy resurrection?
Vinestreet,  I built a box with a downfiring Scanspeak 25w8565-00 to set my Dunlavy SM-1’s on.I am using a simple 14.5mH coil for crossover currently-I am surprised how good it sounds.I am using them as surrounds and Dirac Live mops up what I lack... 
What frustrates you the most about seller’s for sale ads?
Please don’t say “you are covered with PayPal”because it is not automatic!it is a long story but I just lost $1300 to a scammer and ended up with NOTHING!I hate PP!! 
Dunlavy resurrection?
I’m really just a fan and owner/rebuilder of Dunlavy speakers. I just want to see it come to fruition.I am a maintenance manager  at a large manufacturing plant in central Texas.If you open shop in Texas I will help anyway I can. 
Dunlavy resurrection?
I am a huge fan of JD’s designs.has this gone anywhere?I would love to help if I could. 
What frustrates you the most about seller’s for sale ads?
I hate the whole “if PayPal add 3%”most people use PP , so build it into the damn price!How about “ if not using PP deduct 3%”That will never happen because everything being sold is “the best ever”  
Most rooms don’t need acoustical treatment.
What a simp. 
Help me tame my out of control bass
I am in a similar situation with Dunlavy’s in a too small of a room and I built 3 -10” broadband absorbers and have them spaced off of the rear wall about 6” -directly behind MLP and it has worked wonders!Visit the forum called “gear sluts” Tons o... 
Who else is using old cables/interconnects, and is happy?
Haven’t found anything affordable to better my 20 year old BEL “the wire” speaker cables...if I could find some cheap BEL interconnects I would pick them up as well..... 
Review: Dunlavy Audio Labs Dunlavy IVa crossover modification
I realize this threads age, but does anyone know the value of the inductor in the bass crossover?I am interested in how the Scanspeak woofers are crossed over and equalized.Let’s raise the dead.....