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ortofon rmg 309 i
Luigi,if you still need an answer, the spring is set by the factory default for a combined weight of cartridge and headshell of 31grams. That is with the classic Ortofon SPU headshell. When the weight of your headshell and cartridge is 31 g then t... 
Phono cartridge suggestions sought
Tha ks Terry, it was fun researching your suggestions. Miyajima looks interesting. My harder first task is finding an extra headshell for the Ortofon RMG212. People are asking $hundreds + which seems steep even for A rare item like this.  
Phono cartridge suggestions sought
Alucard, I appreciate your thorough response. That helps me get a better sense of what you are hearing from the cartridges. I don’t know if I have ever owned an AT cart, so your experience with them is great. Given that I did just throw down on th... 
Need Tonearm help for a Thorens TD124 Mark II
Michaela,Did you ever get an arm for your 124? If so, which arm and what are your impressions of it now after some time?I am the proud new owner of an old 124 v2 and while the Ortofon RMG212 it came with is pleasant, I am curious about other owner... 
Phono cartridge suggestions sought
Alucard, what do you like about each of those carts? 
Totem Acoustic Element Metal: The WOW factor!
So the tweeter of course does have a xover or it would fry from temperature. The woofers do not. I heard them last week and was blown away. Blisteringly fast and accurate.  
Can you put a Krell in an apartment?
No no no. Harleys do NOT belong in apartments. That should be reserved for early model Triumphs. The British bikes just have better PRaT. Land of Naim and all... 
Phono cartridge suggestions sought
Ok, so some new changes in my source world. I still have the Bryston TT with the Dynavector 20x2, but I recently acquired a Thorens TD124v2, and decided to go all out (for me.) I am using a SoundSmith Zephyr MIMC Star cartridge. Even better latera... 
What is your top priority items on Black Friday Sale.
Well, I spent all my play money a few days ago getting an immaculate TD-124. So no sales for me.  
How do you rationalize audio upgrades?
Desire. It’s a thing to itself, and doesnt need rationalizations.  
Hear my Cartridges....🎶
Halcro, you MOT, awesome service you've done by letting us get a listen of these different cartridges. I am ‘relatively’ new to the hobby (returned after tine away) and even on UTube, the difference berween these cartridges is so obvious. Thanks f... 
How have I missed out for soooo long!!!!
@264win, vinyl really is surprising. I returned to it a few years back when my mom needed to move into assisted living. I recovered my original Thorens, ling stored in her house, that I slaved an entire summer to buy working as a golf caddy. I was... 
Phono cartridge suggestions sought
Thanks Terry. I will have to check what albums matchc your criteria.  
Phonocut...Dear Santa
wild..I wonder about its sq. What speed is it mastering at (not on their FAQ), vibration control etc 
Most annoying song, period.
@wyoboy, yes puke inducing is the platonic ideal of annoyance.