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Whats on your turntable tonight?
Parliament—Mothership ConnectionModest Mouse—The Lonesome Crowded WestRobert Palmer—SecretsLee Morgan-Cornbread 
Best bookshelf loudspeakers under 10,000 for the pair
I second the recommendation on the Focals. A lot I like about them. I have owned a pair of Totem Signature Ones for a couple of years that I very much enjoy. If I had your budget, I would probably grab a pair of Totem Element Fires version 2. I li... 
Soundsmith - Thank you to everyone.
Not so many polymaths, let alone people of culture, left to trod the path. I say goodbye to a Russian engineer and poet tomorrow. A person who had a broad and deep vision. Nice to know Peter is here.  
End of the World system
Ok, so playing by your rules—I would haul back every high end cartridge I have always wanted. Koetsus. Light, easy to carry, and I assume Peter at Soundsmith wouldn’t be around to retip.Then, if I needed more exercise or found a nice Radio Flyer w... 
Are you a special snowflake?
@jafreeman I appreciate your post, neglected as it was. I keep having this fantasy that COVID19 will wake people to the reality of science, facts, and the utility of institutions that act based on those understandings. But it apparently hasn’t yet... 
Child Damage Mitigation
Speakers you have heard advice on. If your amp or preamp allows you to limit the volume, you may want to keep that in mind. My boys are teens and I still limit the max volume.  
RIP Art Dudley
Heartbreaking. A mensch. A real humanist and oh so down to earth. My second table is a TD124, all because of him—though a worthy Shindo amp and preamp remain out of reach. RIP 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
I listened to a few things earlier but the prize goes to a rare demo 78 from the 1969 Ann Arbor Blues Festival— Mississippi Fred McDowell , Big Mama Thornton rocking out. Really great sounds.  
Are 500 hours too many for a used hi-end cartridge?
I think enough people have answered to confuse you on buying used or new. I want to share, instead, how I keep track of my cartridge hours. I once purchased a box of hand tally counters (the sort that you see where places are trying to count how m... 
TOTL Headphone Amps
No one for SPL Phonitor? Best head amp I have ever heard. 
What other Hobbies or Interests Do You Have?
Hmm, interests come and go. I am in a period where some old hobbies have come back into view after benign neglect, and other beloved activities have been set aside for child-rearing duties. I have a 2006 Ural Retro in jet black with pin-striping. ... 
Guest suddenly takes it upon herself to move my speakers
Maybe one of her parents were audiophiles who moved speakers all the time and she assumed that is how its done. I find in general its best to ask someone their intentions rather than guess them. It might bring you closer. In any case, you would un... 
How many of us are truly satisfied with their systems?
I Had the owner of the top store in town come to my house a couple of weeks ago. I had reached a point where i had done all I could and thought it was very good sound. He was going to come and offer me suggestions on how to improve things. After c... 
Closed back headphones and Focal
Thanks Big Greg. Yup, I have listened at Echo. Currently I need closed backs because my listening room is multipurpose. Living with other people ;)  
LP made from a digital master recording...
The analog from a digital recording will often contain the full data from that recording (apart from RIAA compression, but we all know that), whereas you might end up with a more compressed version of the digital file, thus losing information. Tha...