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Learning to Listen: Neurological Evidence
@henry53, for the sort of music I enjoy, I agree with you. As more popular music is computer driven electronica and voices are autotuned, live performances for this genre are themselves fake, and so perhaps hifi in that case is less fake than it i... 
Learning to Listen: Neurological Evidence
I LOVE this sort of thing. Anything neurological fascinates me. When it combines with our music hobby, all the more so. From my own reading, it does seem likely that timing is what continues to separate vinyl from digital. Now that we have begun t... 
Casters to replace spikes
For WAF, I renoved the spikes on my speaker stands and put on some rubber wheeled casters that I purchased off of Amazon. I researched a fair bit, but ultimately chose those with the correct thread pitch and locking wheels. I ordered a couple diff... 
Luxman L-590AX
Super old post, but I put in my order for the 590AXII after auditioning many integrateds and the full line up of Luxman integrateds. While I liked both the 509 and the 590, the latter had greater palpability. It was also easier for me to follow an... 
Luxman L505u . . . why not?
Thanks Jibber Jabber.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Best of Dizzy Gillespie, PabloRed Garland’s Piano, PrestigeDinner now though, so not sure if I will get back to more listening later.  
My NAD 3020 D proves your Class D tropes are wrong
I just recently bit the bullet and ordered a Luxman 590AXII after listening to many different amps. I suppose that if you look hard you can find some poor sounding amps, but nothing I have heard across many typologies sounded bad. In fact, I am ra... 
My best retort to those that think we listen to our stereos more than the music
If I were to rephrase blueranger’s op, i would say we can approach our lives transactionally or relationally. For me, music in the background is transactional; low res music is transactional; focussing on acquiring the equipment is transactional. ... 
From Naim to Luxman...?
Superelmar, what do you think now? Happy with your decision?I have a Naim Atom and after a long time shopping for something with more grunt and soundstage, I just put a deposit on the Luxman 590AXII. The density and richness of the music, the larg... 
LUXMAN 505u?
Has anyone gotten a 507 from Japan recently? If so any recommendations? Are their models still able to change the voltage for the US? I would worry that a transformer might impact SQ. Any advice? 
Can someone give me my 6 minutes back? 
Vinyl on NAD M10 lower volume
I am glad crustycoot is familiar with the device. Yes, many preamps have a “trim level” or trim control to match levels, and fortunately it sounds like the M10 does. You are in luck. Enjoy the music.  
This has been a nice thread. Thanks everyone for the air in which the discussion has been conducted. This is not the easiest question to answer, because I think there are many conflicting criteria that I have. Sound quality? Of course. But having ... 
Stereo systems are like Harleys
And then there are the Ural hack riders like me, with a Thorens TD124. The 60 year old Thorens needs less work!  
Article: "Spin Me Round: Why Vinyl is Better Than Digital"
First of all, although I part ways with the author numerous times, there is real content here. Those who responded specifically on issues of audio quality either didn’t read carefully enough, didn’t understand it or chose to respond with issues of...