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Are integrated amps technically better than separates?
In a word: No 
Do we ask too much of our audio systems?
@mapman and @oregonpapa you guys are spot on are as many comments here. I'd like to add, there have been many live shows where the actual sound was pretty crappy--I surely don't want my system to sound like that!Cheers all! 
Sound quality of Roon vs. Lighting
Very interesting discussion; I have noticed variation in SQ with Roon over the past 18 months; used many different PC’s including OSX and some dedicated Roon core servers; IMHO, I think much of this SQ variation has to do with USB. The hallmark si... 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
I’d love to know what the secret is to hearing subtle changes in amplification ( assumed to be level matched or all bets are off) over You Tube; kind of a stretch but maybe I’m not doing it right. Do you run your laptop into your high end home sys... 
Bricasti M3 In the house
Hi @teajay yes. Mike is a very experienced audiophile and knows the gear very well. I highly recommend Audio Archon! Super happy customer here. 
Bricasti M3 In the house
@rsf507 thanks for the kind words. I was told by the dealer it has the latest upgrade to the main board; He also said that the M3 with revision surpasses the M1se and comes extremely close to M21, But I have not heard any other Bricasti DACs so I’... 
Bricasti M3 In the house
The M3 is a game changer for me; I compared extensively USB to ETH; Result:No more USB; In general, I have been up and down the USB link for 2 years. I dislike USB as an interface for high end digital audio--way too much involved to make it sound ... 
Non Analytical Sounding DAC Upgrade- Budget $1,500 or less
Chord Qutest incredible value; according to the designer Rob Watts, they selected the best power supply for the overall low noise design; stick with the stock supply and you can’t go wrong.Immensely musical for the price of admission. 
Looking to upgrade DAC from SA8005
I like Marantz stuff always have; I have the 8004 and it’s very musical, not the last word in extension but it is a heck of a value for the age; I can’t recommend these two highly enough at your price point:Chord Qutest and Schitt Saga+; Highly un... 
Furutech GTX NCF receptical break in, how long
Interesting thread! Thanks for posting your updates in the process. I have a Furetech GTX-D-rhodium sitting in my drawer. It was in my wall for a while; Very similar experience. I just figured not a good fit, bad synergy, etc, so I swapped back to... 
Bricasti M3 In the house
@briang no way! cool!I had the PS Audio DSD too. Nice dac! Let me/us know what you find out!Thanks,Dave 
Opinions please - Rowland 625 S2 vs Luxman M900u ?
@thyname @denon1 you were right; The TWL Obsession is a fantastic PC and has improved the performance of the system. I tried a Nordost Brahma (bought from a friend and ended up using on the C-900 preamp), Audience AU24SE-HP, Shunyate NRC something... 
Bricasti M3 In the house
Currently I’m running it directly from the Zenith’s network streamer output. The EtherREGEN is out for now; I want to get a clean perspective on it for a week this way; I did some initial testing, and preferred the Ethernet connection but it was d... 
New Amp help/recomendations?
@mmj have you tried both (4 or 8 ohm) taps ? 
You've tried other amps and ended with Pass, please discuss
@erik_squires  It is not simply pick a gain stage, follow that up with suitable output drivers, toss in some distortion mechanism, and poof you have a Pass amp. It's my basic understanding that Nelson Pass designs his amplifiers not specificall...